Press releases

Press releases 2017

December 28Bormio DH – Words by the protagonists

December 28Dominik Paris is the King of Stelvio. First place ahead of Svindal and Jansrud

December 27Bormio DH. Second official training cancelled

December 26Bormio Men’s DH. Second official training

December 26First DH Training in Bormio is in the sign of the “Azzurri”

December 25Bormio DH Training anticipated because of snow risk

December 23Bormio is ready to welcome the champions

December 19Paris, Theaux and Reichelt: jet men in Bormio

December 18Training on the Stelvio, Goldberg is the fastest one

December 13Team Italy and Austria will train in Bormio

November 29The Bormio ski season is about to start and the Stelvio is almost ready

November 24Bormio will dedicate a gondola lift to the winner of the DH race

November 20The World Cup races have been presented – The ski area opens on December 2

November 6The first snow comes to Bormio – Work in progress for the World Wup event

October 16FIS inspection in Bormio – “Now it’s in the forefront”

October 10Fis Alpine World Cup: Bormio is back!

Press releases 2016

December 20 Paris is fast in the last team trainings on the Compagnoni slope in Santa Caterina

December 17 Jet men in Santa Caterina to test the challenging Compagnoni slope

December 15 Positive snow control in Santa Caterina. This is the events’ programme

December 7 The Lake Louise SuperG is rescheduled in Santa Caterina on December 27

November 29 Presentation at Regione Lombardia of the World Cup races scheduled in Santa Caterina in December

October 21 Santa Caterina in Soelden for the Alpine Skiing World Cup 2016-17 opening

Press releases 2015/2016

January 6 – Marcel Hirscher is the winner in Santa Caterina!

January 5 – The beautiful Loeseth is the winner in Santa Caterina!

January 4 – Tomorrow it’s Ladies’ slalom time!

January 3 – Santa Caterina is ready to host the two World Cup slaloms

December 29 – A few numbers about Santa Caterina!

December 29 – Adrien Theaux dominates in Santa Caterina and it’s SuperInnerhofer time!

December 28 – Santa Caterina Second training: Innerhofer is fast!

December 27 – Santa Caterina First training: Reichelt is the fastest

December 26 – Santa Caterina DH: tomorrow it’s first official training time

Press releases 2014

December 28 – Ganong’s Colt mows down them all in Santa Caterina Valfurva

December 27 – A little snow ruins the plans of the DH champions

December 27 -All that you need to know about the Deborah Compagnoni slope

December 26 - And they said it was a women’s DH track

December 25On Sunday Santa Caterina will host the last DH race of the year


6th january – Neureuther is the shining star in Bormio’s night

5th January – The talent of Miss Shirley Temple of alpine skiing

5th January – Watching Janica Kostelic on TV psyched me up

Press releases 2013

29th December – Svindal is the king on Stelvio

17th November – Positive snow control for the men’s race in Bormio

11th November – Italjet flies to Bormio on the wings of Paris and Fill

20th NovemberBormio, Pure Adrenaline


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