The major World Cup events

Bormio is well-known not only for the classic DH race taking place on December, 29 but also for two World Ski Championships and three World Cup Finals.

Alberto Tomba was the emperor of the 1995 Finals and his victory followed those of the 1988 and 1992 Olympic Games. The racer from Bologna hadn’t won the “biggest” Cup yet and Alberto was just perfect in Bormio during that amazing four days party.

On March 18, 1995 Alberto Tomba won the giant slalom and that’s when the party started.  “There were 50,000 or maybe 60,000 fans along the Stelvio and for many of them it was probably the first time in the snow. The memory is so alive. It’s like yesterday. I deserved that Cup. Only combined and super-G racers, and other “contraptions” kept me away from that crystal cup. In 1995 I won my way and I won. Seven slaloms. Four giant slaloms. The giant slalom in Bormio was so exciting, it was the slalom that closed the season, and a celebration. After a few doors – I was too exhausted! – I straddled a gate. That was when I decided to reach the arrival with a pair of yellow shorts on, just to get the party started, greet and thank my fans. That was amazing!” said the champion from Bologna.

In 2000, Bormio is the centre of ‘Snow Festival‘, the first super FIS Finals closing the season with alpine skiing and cross-country skiing races in Santa Caterina, snowboard and freestyle races in Livigno and nordic combined races in Sankt Moritz – all at the same time! For what alpine skiing is concerned  the rulers are all Austrians. Herman Maier and Renate Goetschl won the World Cup. The Austrian national team finished the season with 19,110 points. That record is still valid.

The Snow Festival was a great organizational success and – a few months later in Melbourne – it helped Bormio to win the chance to organize the World Ski Championships in 2005.

The super Finals are back in Valtellina in March 2008 as ‘Grand Finals’. This time the winners are the Americans Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller, but there are also good news for a few Italians: Manfred Moelgg wins the slalom Cups and Denise Karbon the Giant Cup.

The 2008 Finals were considered real mini Olympic games concentrated in just five days.
From March 12 to March  16, 2008, 3 locations (Bormio, Santa Caterina, and Valmalenco) hosted 28 races attended by 800 athletes; 55 crystal cups were given, and over 5000 accreditations were made.

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