FIS WSC 2005

The Bid

The Bid

1. The dream

It was 1st June 2000 in Melbourne, Australia, when the President of the International Ski Federation Gianfranco Kasper officially presented the organisers of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2005: Bormio and Santa Caterina. The event would be returning to Valtellina exactly twenty years after the 1985 edition.
Five years have passed since then and during that time the Bormio World Championships’ dream has become reality. We have come to the end of this splendid adventure and writing this Final Report will enable us to reflect, and evaluate the organisational efforts we made before and during the event, as well as trying to provide the next Organising Committee with valid suggestions and reliable data.

2. The passion

Bormio 2005 Lombardia

Bormio 2005 Lombardia

The plan for the organisation of the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships was devised many years before it actually occurred. A long series of events enabled Bormio and Santa Caterina to patiently take all the necessary steps in order to gain international faith and acknowledgement.
The driving force behind staging the second competition in Valtellina was the passion of a group of local businessmen, together with the essential backing of the Lombardy Region. Maurizio Gandolfi, Beppe Bonseri and Elia Dei Cas committed themselves to bringing the World Championships back to a place that is justly famous for its mountains and for the success of its champions.
Right from the start, from the World Cup race which has been held in Bormio since 1993, to the World Cup Finals held in 1995 and the Snow Festival in 2000, both the organisation and the location have shown the world their excellent qualities.

3. The Team

SkiddieAs usually happens for sporting events of this type and magnitude, management of human resources focussed mainly on the following two aspects:
- finding skilled, specialised people to fill the positions of greatest responsibility and strategic importance within the Organising Committee;
- preparing suitable mechanisms for managing the rapid increase in the resources involved in the organisation in the lead up to the event.
With regard to traditional organisation, the management knew it could make use of the experience of people who had already worked for these events in the past, then filling in the structure with experts in the sector coming from outside.
Organisational stages:
- [June 2000 - July 2004] – Founding of the Bormio 2005 Lombardy Organising Committee, planning of general strategy and single operational projects and starting work on the permanent structures.
- [July 2004 - February 2005] – The operational stage, realisation of projects, setting up the temporary structures.
Two levels of Management:
- Executive Committee – Responsible for the establishment of strategies and projects
- First level Management – Made up of the Managers of the different operational areas and responsible for the realisation of the projects
- During 2004 the Organising Committee staff increased from 13 to 60 people.
- During the event, the Organising Committee had 462 paid employees overall, in particular:
Sports Area: 275
Logistics: 45
Technology: 8
Volunteers: 3
Marketing & Communications: 41
Catering & Hospitality Services: 90
Istitutional Committee :
President: Roberto Formigoni
Delegate: Gian Maria Bordoni
Tourism&Sports Councillor for the Lombardy Region : Piergianni Prosperini
President of the Province of Sondrio : Fiorello Provera
Sport & Tourism Councillor of the Province of Sondrio : Maurizio Del Tenno
President of the CCIAA for SOndrio: Arturo Succetti
President of BIM: Pierangelo Bonetti
President of the Alta Valtellina Mountain Community: Lionello Silvestri
Mayor of Bormio: Renato Pedrini
Mayoress of Valfurva: Idilia Antonioli
Mayor of Valdisotto: Alessandro Pedrini
Organising Committee :
Executive board
President: Massimo Ponsellini
Vice President: Franco Polesel
Chief Executive Officer:Maurizio Gandolfi
Managing Director : Beppe Bonseri
Elias Dei Cas – Maurizio Dallocchio – Giulio Sosio
Audit Committee: Giampiero Capoferri – Antonio Locatelli – Marco Cottica
Advisory Committee
Alessandro Dalla giovanna – Angelo Vergani – Carlo Valentino – Christian Pirzer – Eugenio Alberti – Francesco Valsecchi – Gaetano Coppi – Luciano Rocca – Generale Nino Bixio – Paolo Radici – Raffaele Cola.
The other human resources:
The number of persons involved in the organisation of the event was not limited to members of the Committee.
During the event in particular, volunteers, members of the Civil Defence, military and emergency services’ personnel joined in with the main organisation, offering their valuable and incalculable support.
The number of the additional resources was 1,925 in total. One of the most demanding challenges for the Organising Committee was actually the need to manage the increase in staff from 187 to 2,112 people, in a functional way and in a very short space of time.
Non volunteer specialist staff
The employment of specialist staff was necessary in the areas of greatest importance, such as medical and security services, activities out on the slopes and logistics.
Starting from June 2004 their respective operating methods were agreed during the course of a series of meetings.
In particular, the services provided and the skills involved were the following:
Slope supervision:
275 gate judges
Snow levellers:
70 ski instructors
20 employees of the State Forestry Corps
40 students from the secondary school specialising in sports
Support for activities on the slopes:
80 Alpine Servicemen from the Army
Logistics support:
130 ANA employees
First Aid/Rescue on the slopes:
100 Alpine Rescue employees
Press Room support:
60 students from the Commercial Technical Institute

4.Heritage for the future

Now that the direct challenge is over, we find ourselves facing the World Championships’ most important juncture; ensuring a heritage for future generations. We need to manage an inheritance which was created in order to serve the peolpe ande the lands of Alta Valtellina.

Whilst preparing for the candidacy, we set ourselves various objectives. These logically included the goal of holding this significant event on our own snowy mountains. In the event of Bormio being assigned the World Championship, our objective also encompassed the objective of ensuring that they acted as a means of re-launching the area in order to benefit the entire population.

If we re-examine the objective which we set ourselves (see Strategy), we can see that:

- The international media drive was assured by massive television coverage (see correlated table), by press office activities (see Communications, Press &P.R.) and by TV and press advertising (see Marketing).

- The promotion of an innovative development programme for the territory which completely respected the environment was assured by the ISO 14001 certification (see “The initiatives in the environment field”)

- The re-lauch of the Santa Caterina ski area, the strengthening of Bormio’s ski area, their positioning amongst the most internationally-renowned resort together with the structures and infrastructures built by the town councils have all been assured by Act 166/02 (see”The Resources”) which made the considerable sum of 178.000.000 € available to the local institutions, of which 40.000.000 € was sourced through private funding.

The grants assigned to each individual body thanks to Act 166/02, the sums which they invested and the works which they realized are listed herein.

5. The Results

2005 FIS World Ski Championships
Women’s Races

Date Event Winner
30/01/05 » Super G sweAnja Paerson SWE
itaLucia Recchia ITA
usaJulia Mancuso USA
04/02/05 » Combined croJanica Kostelic CRO
sweAnja Paerson SWE
autMarlies Schild AUT
06/02/05 » Downhill croJanica Kostelic CRO
itaElena Fanchini ITA
autRenate Goetschl AUT
08/02/05 » Giant Slalom sweAnja Paerson SWE
finTanja Poutiainen FIN
usaJulia Mancuso USA
11/02/05 » Slalom croJanica Kostelic CRO
finTanja Poutiainen FIN
czeSarka Zahrobska CZE

2005 FIS World Ski Championships
Men’s Races

Date Event Winner
29/01/05 » Super G usaBode Miller USA
autMichael Walchhofer AUT
autBenjamin Raich AUT
03/02/05 » Combined autBenjamin Raich AUT
norAksel-Lund Svindal NOR
itaGiorgio Rocca ITA
05/02/05 » Downhill usaBode Miller USA
usaDaron Rahlves USA

autMichael Walchhofer AUT
10/02/05 » Giant Slalom autHermann Maier AUT
autBenjamin Raich AUT
usaDaron Rahlves USA
12/02/05 » Slalom autBenjamin Raich AUT
autRainer Schoenfelder AUT
itaGiorgio Rocca ITA


2005 World Championships
Team Event

Date Event Winner
13/02/05 » Team Event gerBergmann, Ertl, Gerg, Eckert, Ertl, Neureuther Germany GER
autGoetschl, Hosp, Zettel, Raich, Walchhofer, Schoenfelder Austria AUT
fraJacquemod, Montillet, Pascal, Pequegnot, Bourgeat, Vidal France FRA

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