Many great racers won on the Stelvio. Hermann Maier, Alberto Tomba, Bode Miller, Stefan Eberharter, Daron Rahlves, Ole Kristian Furuseth.

It’s always a pleasure to cheer new faces on the course, and this winter will make no exeption. The question is: who will win this year?

A Swiss? Only Pirmin Zurbriggen won here, but not for the World Cup.
An Austrian? Quite ‘normal’ as the Wunderteam won 13 times on the classic downhill.
An Italian? Christof Innerhofer was the king of the mountain two years ago, and the first ‘azzurro’ to win in Bormio, in downhill.
A canadian? No victories here, for the Canucks, yet!
An american?  Bode again?

Who else?

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