The historical centre of Bormio is one of the most important of the whole province as well as one of the best preserved ones in the Alps. A simple visit can show the high level of wealth the roman town already reached in past centuries. In the 14th century already, the so called “Magnifica Terra” had a proper organisation and the aspect of a real little city. Walking through the central and very frequented Via Roma the visitor passes by the most significant religious buildings, such as the former church of Santo Spirito and the antique church of San Vitale, which is situated more or less in the middle of the Via Roma.

The historical centre of Bormio offers many sights from the past, walking through its streets and narrow lanes is a journey through the past. Freschi can be found very often, painted on the walls of local stone, painted over because there were so many and thus restored to be admired again. On the other side of the river Frodolfo, over the characteristic and antique bridge, you reach the district of Combo. Beautiful buildings again, one of them would be the little church Sassello (also called Pazienza) from the 14th century. Another church in Combo worth to mention is the Chiesa di Sant’Antonio (or SS. Crocefisso).