The Santa Caterina Men’s World Cup DH race, the third of the season, was cancelled. A difficult decision to take, that cancelles months of work to create the perfect course and the stage for a high level performance too.

The course was perfect, as demonstrated yesterday with the Super-G due in Lake Louise (Canada), but no one can stop the wind. An evil north wind that started to blow last night. It reached a high speed, up to 120 km p/h, and threw away two of the 22 cameras on the course.

“We tried it all – explains the FIS Chief of race director Markus Waldner – and it’is a shame because the course was just perfect. We were up there at dawn, we lowered the start at Daytona curve (the same start as yesterday’s super-G) postponed the race twice but all was useless. What a shame, it would have been a fantastic DH race. ”

“We even thought – continues Waldner – to postpone this race to Friday, December  30 but it’s not possible. It’s not easy in this high season period to find the necessary rooms and – in particular – the US and Canadian team members have already the plane tickets with the date written on them in their pockets and the World Cup calendar doesn’t allow the schedule of other speed events”.

Alpine combined is scheduled for tomorrow, Super-G at 10.30 am and Slalom at 2 pm.