Kroell and Hudec placed first in Chamonix
Kroell leads the classification of the season

Klaus Kroell // Ale Trovati/Pentaphoto

Two races took place on the Piste Verte di Les Houches in Chamonix . The first was the one that had been cancelled in Val Gardena and was won by Klaus Kroell, who has finally caught the long pursued objective. The Austrian racer beat Bode Miller (by less than 0.01 seconds) and Didier Cuche (+0.04). Baumann and Guay, the two racers in fourth place are not much slower…just +0.08!

The second race took place on Saturday, when the Canadian team did great things in the cold weather: Jan Hudec placed first, Eric Guay third and Benjamin Thomsen fifth. The even numbers are for Romed Baumann and Beat Feuz.

The eighth race of the season and the very little gaps have stimulated the members of the editorial staff; they made a research through ski-db.com and asked themselves: Who would be the fastest (at the moment) in an ideal “stage race”, if we added up the times of each single race?

If we take this fact into consideration, the result is somehow surprising: the racers who finished all eight races covered 23 km and 805 m.

Here is the top 20. The list takes only the racers who completed all the eight races into consideration.


1 Klaus Kroell AUT 14’41″87
2 Didier Cuche SUI +1.03
3 Bode Miller USA +2.31
4 Hannes Reichelt AUT +2.83
5 Erik Guay CAN +2.98
6 Johan Clarey FRA +3.55
7 Romed Baumann AUT +3.67
8 Aksel-Lund Svindal NOR +4.62
9 Jan Hudec CAN +4.99
10 Joachim Puchner AUT +5.65
11 Adrien Theaux FRA +6.24
12 Dominik Paris ITA +6.38
13 Yannick Bertrand FRA +6.62
14 Marc Gisin SUI +7.27
15 Didier Defago SUI +7.28
16 Andrej Sporn SLO +7.39
17 Peter Fill ITA +7.90
18 Silvan Zurbriggen SUI +8.49
19 Max Franz AUT +9.13
20 Guillermo Fayed FRA +9.54