Where eagles dare, the Italians hide themselves

The fastest of the second timed training of the classical men’s downhill on the Stelvio slope is Klaus Kroell. The Austrian who has arrived second at the 2008 race, passed the finish line in 2:01.56, taking fifty-eight hundredth from his team-mate Mario Scheiber and seventy hundredth from the Swiss Didier Cuche.

On the sixth place, closing with a delay of 1.52 from Kroell, another Austrian, Michael Walchhofer, twice winner of the Bormio World Cup and proving to be the major favourite of tomorrow’s race. The American Bode Miller arrived fourth and Andrej Jerman from Slovenia eighth.

Stefan Thanei has proven to be the best Italian arriving at a promising fifth place with a distance of 1.41 from the first. While Christof Innerhofer as well as Peter Fill have saved energies arriving thirty-fourth and respectively on the forty-first place.

The skiers that have fallen down at the canalino Sertorelli during the training are both under medical check at the hospital of Sondalo: the American Marco Sullivan (with bib number 1) and the Canadian Louis-Pierre Helie.

Flash quotes at finish area

Klaus Kroell (AUT):

During the first training of yesterday I didn’t feel at my ease, as I didn’t realise how wavy the run was. Instead today I changed my attitude and seem to have found an optimal compromise. Didier Cuche came to me straight after his arrival, after he had seen my time, telling me: “You are the favourite!” I however think that my Swiss friend is one of the three favourites. My number one is Innerhofer, who has made a tactical maneuver today, but has proven to be very fast, especially in the high part. Another possible winner could be my team-mate Walchhofer. The Stelvio is the most difficult slope of the world, however I like it just the way it is with all the ice, the waves and all the rest. I’d like to win a downhill in Bormio, because only the best are able to win here on this run.

Christof Innerhofer (ITA):

I preferred not to force myself too much during the second training and save my energies for tomorrow, even if I started fast and was leading for a moment. I tried to take advantage and attempt a different line along the Carcentina. But now I have cleared my ideas and like the run a lot. I have happy memories here. Tomorrow I will run to win.

Peter Fill (ITA):

I took it easy today, better like this, because the slope is very difficult, especially in some parts, and it’s wise not to overdo. I’ll give everything during the race and trust in tomorrow.

 Second timed training: the best times


KROELL Klaus 1980 AUT 2:01.56
2 SCHEIBER Mario 1983 AUT 2:02.14
3 CUCHE Didier 1974 SUI 2:02.26
4 MILLER Bode 1977 USA 2:02.41
5 THANEI Stefan 1981 ITA 2:02.97
6 WALCHHOFER Michael 1975 AUT 2:03.08
7 DIXON Robbie 1985 CAN 2:03.16
8 JERMAN Andrej 1978 SLO 2:03.19
9 SVINDAL Aksel Lund 1982 NOR 2:03.38
9 KEPPLER Stephan 1983 GER 2:03.38


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