DOMINIK PARIS (#1): “It’s a very important victory that lifts spirits. When you’re faster that the Norwegians you know your performance was a great one. 0,04? It’s enough…This result gives me strength on my way towards the Winter Olympics, I only hope that this good feeling continues in January and in February in particular. No, mine was not a perfect race: on a slope like Stelvio it’s practically impossible to be perfect, but it was a beautiful fight. Tomorrow I will take part in the Alpine Combined “.

AKSEL SVINDAL (#2): “I skied well, I have nothing to blame myself. This slope has always been very difficult and in the past I learned to ski on ice right here. This time the snow was softer and I could be more aggressive. Being behind Paris is not something strange: one who wins twice in Bormio and Kitzbuehel is a great downhiller, that’s for sure.”

KJETIL JANSRUD (#3): “I’m happy, this third place is a great result, it tells me I’m in good shape. Because this is a difficult slope, perfection isn’t possible, but I didn’t make big mistakes. This time Stelvio was not as frozen as it was in the past, and they did a miracle to prepare it so well after the snowfall. Congratulations to Paris, it’s not a surprise at all. Indeed, Dominik is sometimes an underrated athlete. Taking part in the Alpine Combined tomorrow will give me the possibility to grow in condition”.

PETER FILL (#13): “In spite of it all I skied pretty well, but I never felt fast. I have to try to make better in the Alpine Combined “.

CHRISTOF INNERHOFER (#14): “It wasn’t my snow, it was different from the training. I lost constantly, from top to bottom: it means that either the set-up of the materials or my technique haven’t been enough”.

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