The American Jared Goldberg was the fastest one of this morning’s first training session on the Stelvio slope in Bormio, the theatre of the Men’s DH World Cup race on December 28and of the Alpine Combined the day after. The teams Italy, Austria, France and United States took advantage of the opportunity to regain confidence with a track that was worthily replaced by the Compagnoni in Santa Caterina Valfurva for three seasons, and that now is back to the world circuit.

The Stelvio is not “any” track. “Perhaps it’s the only one where you can recover from an error”, says Dominik Paris. He waited for Stelvio’s come back. Five seasons ago he was the winner together with the Austrian Reichelt, and that was probably the most beautiful DH race of his career. And Christof Innerhofer too was waiting for Stelvio where in 2008 he got the first place of his career. But today Inner is not satisfied: “I didn’t ski well, only the last of the three laps was a decent one. Yes, the Stelvio…but I still have something with Santa Caterina, with that pole hanging from the helmet and a podium vanished by a metter of  hundredths…”.

Stelvio has to be studied well, it’s full of difficulties which are not always easy to deal with. “Yes, it is a track you have to understand up to the end – confirms Reichelt – here you can not improvise”. His teammates also showed his concentration. “It’s the first time I face it – says Kriechmayr – and it’s a show”. Theaux, Charey and Fayed, and the Americans with Ganong were there too.

All of them made three laps on the track between La Rocca and Ciuk (just over a minute of a dive). Then the Azzurri trained on the same track in super-G. There was a different job for Peter Fill, who also tested new pairs of skis after a stone ruined the fastest pair in Val Gardena on Saturday. Innehofer in the afternoon dedicated himself to slalom thinking of the Alpine Combined, a specialty he should face during the Winter Olympics to0. Tomorrow it’ll be the second day of training, a show for tourists who are already honoring the town in Valtellina.

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