Dear fans and fan clubs…

Fans are waiting...

Fans are waiting...

…the week of the downhill race in Bormio is going to start in less than 10 days and we want to invite you to join us starting on Tuesday, December 27 at 11.45 a.m., the day of the first official training (followed by the second training the next day, on December 28 at 11.45 a.m.)

Don’t miss the opportunity to support your favorite athlete during the days before the race of December 29! Need an example? Join the suggestive parade of the athletes and the official bibs draw taking place on Wednesday, December 27 at Piazza del Kuerc at 6 p.m. The sound of the Bajona, the bell symbol of Bormio, will be in the background.

If you can’t attend the official trainings, please be there on Thursday, December 29 at 11.45 a.m. and feel the emotion and the “pure adrenaline” of the downhill race in Bormio, the most difficult and tiring race in the world! The stands and the edge of the slope are the key places where you can watch the race. The giant screens will be located at the finish area and Ciuk. Tell us about your day and show us your best photos and videos!

Unfortunately, many of you had to give up the joy of watching their favorite athlet on the slope (and on the podium!) during the downhill in Val Gardena on Saturday, because of strong winds.

We hope that this hasn’t discouraged you too much and we wait for you all in Bormio, more lively and numerous than ever! Are you ready to spread the festive cheer that has been characterizing the days dedicated to the downhill race in Bormio for years?

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