Tomorrow in the late afternoon, after the DH World Cup event, the final part of the Stelvio will host a possible future situation. The “Vitalini Speed Contest” taking place at 5pm is a competition for boys and girls aged 9 to 12 belonging to ski clubs in Lombardia and organized by the former Italian downhiller. It is not a DH race, it’s a speed test. The part of the pistinvolved will be from the World Cupfinish area to the first part of the woods.

About 300 m. longand 30 m. in the final part where the speed time will be checked. The winner will be the fastest in this part. More than 200 boys and girls will participate. “It’s an occasionto have fun for them – explains Pietro Vitalini – but above all is an opportunity to make families understand that speed is not dangerous, if you have the necessary confidence”.

The one in Bormio is just one of the five events of the circuit organized by the former “Azzurro”and now entrepreneur in the branch of technical sportswear. The other events are scheduled in St. Moritz (Svi), Montecampione, Madrid (in an indoor facility) and Cogne (dedicated to the cross-country sprint). Is it a key to find future champions? We hope it!

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