In spite of a visible slowdown at the finish line Peter Fill was the fastest during the first official training of the Bormio DH race scheduled on December 28. With 1’57 “06 he preceded the team mate Christof Innerhofer with 8/100 and the Austrian Matthias Mayer with 18/100. It’s a raking of great nobility with Hannes Reichelt 4th place (35/100), Dominik Paris 5th place (52/100), and Frenchman Adrien Theaux 6th place (71/100). All athletes, apart from the Austrian Mayer, trained last week in the upper part of the Stelvio and therefore have been able to enjoy greater confidence with some of the most technical parts on the track.

The last winner of the Men’s World Cup on the Stelvio, the Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal, was 9th place (1 “56 from Fill). 18th place for the other Norwegian Kjetil Jansrud (2″ 39). “It’s always nice to be back here,” says Svindal, “it’s among the most difficult slopes of the entire circuit. It’s well prepared and it will be a difficult and exciting one the day of the race”. The protagonists love Stelvio. Reichelt says: “It’s a good dive and it won’t be easy during the race. The snow is not frozen and that’s why it seems even easier than in the past”. Peter Fill has the same feeling: “In the last years it was always icy and the skis vibrated much more, but maybe I have become more powerful”. Innerhofer and Paris are also smiling and optimistic. “No doubt it was an advantage to train here, at least in the upper part – says Innerhofer – but I feel like I was born again. I’m fine now and the results of a whole summer of training are now visible”. “The best shape is coming – says Paris – and the Stelvio is ideal to check it”. The second official training is scheduled for tomorrow at 11.30am.

Unfortunately this first training saw two injured athletes. Henrik Van Appen from Cile fell in the Fontana Lunga area. Tibia and fibula fracture for him.The young “azzurro” Matteo De Vettori, instead, fell at La Rocca: a cut on the arm for him. Both were taken to Sondalo (So) by helicopter.

Second Official Training will be tomorrow at 11.30

Link video interviews: https://www.youtube.com/user/Bormioonline/videos
Link official results training 1: http://medias2.fis-ski.com/pdf/2018/AL/0026/2018AL0026RLT1.pdf

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