Past, present and future come together and meet in perfect harmony in Bormio! The habits and the traditions that haven’t changed over the centuries, are part of the culture of Bormio as much as the most recent activities dealing with tourism and hospitality. That’s why Bormio is one of the most popular destinations in the Alps, a place of culture, sports, nature and relax.


The ancient Romans already knew the existence of Bormio because of the hot springs in the area. During the Middle Ages, Bormio became the seat of the Contado di Bormio, it was administered by the Podestà and became the crossroads of trade routes from Venice to North Europe. Pasquali and Carneval di Matt, two of the most popular traditions of Bormio that are still celebrated with pride, date back to that period. The Pasquali are allegorical carts based on religious themes created by the five “reparti” of Bormio (Maggiore, Buglio, Dossorovina, Combo and Dossiglio); they parade on Easter Sunday and the most beautiful one wins. Carneval di Matt is a carnival celebration; the Podestà dei Matt “replaces” the mayor of Bormio and reads the complaints and demands of the citizens from Kuerc square, the symbol of Bormio.

The cultural heritage of Bormio includes several historical buildings and churches, such as San Vitale Church (built in the twelfth century – Romanesque style) and the Church of the Holy Crucifix (built in 1300 and dedicated to the holy crucifix that was carried in procession through the town).


Bormio features a ski area consisting of more than 50 km of ski tracks and 18 ski lifts. There are many opportunities to have fun! Gormiti Park, for example, is the right place for children  to learn skiing and enjoy themselves while the freeride areas are a true paradise for people who want to experience real snow!

In the summer, the ski area and the areas of Alta Valtellina and Alta Rezia become a bike arena, with a cable car open from June to September so that the bikers can reach the best and most exciting cross-country and freeride trails. The area features trails of several levels of difficulty; many of them are suitable for the most demanding bikers too; it also features bike centres for children, where certified instructors help them improve their technique. Cyclists can’t miss the opportunity to feel the Alps while cycling along the “3 Mitiche” passes (Stelvio, Gavia and Mortirolo). A drop of more than 1000 meters and serious efforts rewarded by satisfaction and a wonderful view!

Summer in Bormio means summer skiing too! The Passo Stelvio ski area is open from May to November and the ski lifts are located between 2760 m. and 3450 m. The ski area features alpine ski, cross-country ski, snowboard and halfpipe tracks and the national ski teams usually go there for their summer training. Hotel Thöni 3000, one of our partners, is located exactly on the slopes.

Moreover, Bormio has always been famous for its thermal waters and baths. Bormio Terme features a wellness area with indoor and outdoor pools (also suitable for children), a thermarium area with Turkish bath and sauna, a beauty and massage salon and a  thermal treatments area with an NHS agreement. The thermal baths Bagni Nuovi e Vecchi are near Bormio and are composed of 6 area characterized by many paths and different temperatures.

In a quiet area surrounded by a breathtaking view, Bormio Golf Club is the place to play golf in Bormio. The 9-hole course is open from April to November and it is suitable for both beginners and advanced players. Every year, the golf club organizes several competitions (more than 50,) usually taking place in the summer (August in particular).

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