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Angelo Cacciotto - Sindaco di Valfurva For the third consecutive year, the Alpine Skiing World Cup fastest event is back to Valfurva. This year FIS awarded Santa Caterina Valfurva with a second race: the athletes will compete in an interesting alpine combined (Super-G and a slalom run).

The confirmation of the ski event by FIS rewards the organizers, people of the valley and volunteers for what has been done so far and highlights the strong commitment that the entire valley assumes in honoring the task that has been assigned.

The occasion is a precious one to involve the various actors who work in Valfurva on a daily basis, highlighting how the will and the synergy of the inhabitants can lead to great results, like hosting a global event such as the Alpine Skiing World Cup one.

The context in which the event takes place is the one of a territory in the middle of the Stelvio National Park. In spite of the necessary process of modernization of the infrastructures – with which the town of Santa Caterina Valfurva is still committed – it has allowed to preserve the beautiful surrounding mountain landscapes, giving the opportunity to enjoy the winter beauties to all those staying here.

My thank you goes to the FIS for trusting Valfurva once again: we will will honor this, respecting the tradition of this valley. A warm welcome goes to athletes, technicians, federal managers, and all ski and winter tourism enthusiasts who want to 100% live this event.

Angelo Cacciotto
The mayor


Malagò – Presidente CONI Italy is a star of the winter circuit. It’s a recognition of international credibility to value wonderful landscapes and natural beauties such as Santa Caterina Valfurva. Simultaneously it is a certification of the prominent role played by Italian sports in terms of organizational skills. Two days of World Cup events in an incredible scenery to greet the winter season with a downhill and an alpine combined race that are going to be a great show.

Last season the race of the jet men was won by the French Theaux and among the most exciting events offered by the calendar. It was characterized by the performance of Christof Innerhofer, who arrived at the finish area dragging a pole he hit on his way down and getting an excellent fourth place in spite of the incredible circumstance.

It will be an opportunity to see the best interpreters of alpine skiing in action, ready to fight in order to earn fundamental points and be in an important limelight, which could become an important prerequisite for a 2017 as protagonists. I’m sure that the double event will confirm the competitiveness of our movement, thanks to the goodness of the work by FISI in terms of growth of various agonistic sectors and also considering the next edition of Winter Olympic Games taking place in PyeongChang in 2018.

This is a great opportunity to promote the discipline and its importance and beauty among the younger generations, satisfying the legitimate expectations of the fans. I send my most sincere greetings – also on behalf of the Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano to the organizers, the local institutions and the athletes taking part in the race. I’m sure another unforgettable page will be written on this track, that facilitates technical and spectacular top performances. Hurrah for skiing, hurrah for sports!

Giovanni Malagò
President of CONI


Flavio Roda The success of the past editions in Santa Caterina brought a prestigious result to Valfurva and the ‘alpine skiing’ Italy this year. In fact, an alpine combined event was added to complete the programme of the two races on the “Deborah Compagnoni”.
This year, Italy shows all its organizational skills as part of the Alpine Ski World Cup by offering 12 races on the calendar, taking place in 7 different locations. This record will be hard to beat and witnesses the newfound international current credibility of Federazione Italiana Sport Invernali.

Year after year, the “Deborah Compagnoni” track confirms that it features all the characteristics to be one of the fastest and most interesting tracks on the international stage. And is always properly set up by a technical staff of great experience and wisdom.
As always, the end of the year show of Santa Caterina will be of the highest level thanks to the undoubted skills of the organizers to create an impressive supporting programme – in addition to the race event.

The greatest “good luck” goes to athletes and specialists from all around the world so that they can express their skills on the Valfurva tracks the best they can.

Flavio Roda
F.I.S.I President


Roberto Maroni
The Alpine Ski World Cup is back to Santa Caterina Valfurva for the third year in a row, with the men’s downhill race taking place on Thursday, December 29 and the alpine combined the next day on the track dedicated to Deborah Compagnoni.

Valfurva – this beautiful resort in the province of Sondrio, with its wooded valley close to Mount Tresero and the road leading to the wonderful cycling climb of Gavia pass – offers a beautiful and special ski area. It’s just ideal to host a race that this year too, is going to be a world show.

The link between sport and territory is consolidated in an event that is a happy symbiosis between the most genuine values of skiing and those of tourism and local economy promotion.

These are values Lombardia region believes in and supports the activities of its departments, particularly those of Sport, Productive Activities and Tourism.

In this legislature we passed so many initiatives for our communities as a benefit for those who practice sports and to the attractiveness of our territory. I think of the new law of the sports reform in Lombardia, the Dote Sport, and the Consolidated Law on tourism. These are tools that have redesigned these areas aiming at improving the lives of the citizens in Lombardia and of people visiting our region.

These are values that we spread – among other things – through Expo Milano 2015, and the Anno del Turismo lombardo 2016-2017 that started on May 29, and that is giving us great results.

So I wish to all those involved in the success of the event a race full of emotions on the snow and ice of Santa Caterina. May the best win!

Roberto Maroni
President of Regione Lombardia


Antonio Rossi - Assessore allo Sport e Giovani Regione Lombardia Lombardia is once again the centre of the winter sports world: Santa Caterina Valfurva will host the FIS World Cup downhill event on December 28 and – news of this year – even the alpine combined race on December 29.

The end-of-the-year event is the last one of a collection of great events that Regione Lombardia has been strongly supporting all year round by investing a lot, aware of how sport is important for the territory. The reconfirmation of our slopes in the Alpine Skiing World Cup world is the consequence of last year’s success, not only for the peculiarities of the Deborah Compagnoni track, but also for the expertise of the Organising Committee that, in collaboration with Regione and FISI, has developed a winning strategy.

The mountain – it’s 43% of our territory – is once again the pride of our region and birthplace of natural beauties, traditions, culture, sport and tourism that make of Santa Caterina Valfurva a place to come back. Right from the start the goal of my department – and in general of the Regione Lombardia – has been to make sport and mountain activities accessible to most of the people, enhancing and promoting not only the territory but also the professions related to it, from ski instructors to mountain guides, mountain huts owners, hoteliers and retailers.

Sport tourism is among the benefits that events such as the FIS Alpine Skiing World Cup give to our locations and becomes a vehicle to promote our region worldwide. Proof is given by the strong results brought by events like Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Golf Italian Open, two of the seven major 2016 events.‘In house’ high-level events give the opportunity to see the best athletes ‘live’ and give young skiers and young people in general the opportunity to experience the adrenaline of this sport in a strongly stimulating atmosphere.

For Regione Lombardia the finish line will be once again the starting point to keep on with this philosophy of development and promotion of our region. My praise goes to all those who work to guarantee the best outcome of an event that will treat us with emotions. Now it’s athletes’ time: my best of luck to you all!

Antonio Rossi
Councillor for Sport and Youth at Regione Lombardia


This year too the Alpine Ski World Cup is back to Alta Valtellina, with a double event.
It’s a great pleasure for me to meet the organization's request to dedicate a few words to greet and welcome all athletes, teams, skiing enthusiasts and fans. The confirmation of Santa Caterina and Bormio among the locations able to offer spectacular tracks with high technical features suitable for the world of skiing it’s a pleasure and gives credit to the commitment and work of the local technicians who, in the same ski area, were able to create two world tracks.

I’m sure that our ski areas – with the quality that has characterized them over time – will be able to prepare all the necessary facilities and equipment for the entire success of the event. And I’m sure that Alta Valtellina will once again join forces, commitment and the passion of the operators, to guarantee hospitality and friendship to all guests who – on the occasion of the races – will visit the territory and take advantage of the many opportunities of holiday, sports and wellness.

Together with all the facilities of the ski area, the Alta Valtellina area offers many opportunities to satisfy the needs of those who practice other winter sports or those looking for a pristine natural environment for their trips. And of course, also for those who love the local food and wine or want to relax at the thermal baths.

On behalf of the community I thank the organizers, the technicians and the many volunteers who join together to create sports events, and I thank as well the public and private entities, which provide financial and operational support.

And I hope that this opportunity will be a party for skiing, show and sport and that everyone can experience the hospitality and friendship, which are typical of mountain people and of Alta Valtellina inhabitants too.
Raffaele Cola
President of Comunità Montana Alta Valtellina


This year too the Alta Valtellina ski resort will host one of the most exciting events all skiing enthusiasts wait for. In the beautiful Santa Caterina Valfurva we will be part of the breathtaking show performed by the jet men during the double event of the downhill and alpine combined races taking place next December 28 and 29. The competition will definitely be a compelling one: on the one hand the athletes who will compete giving it all, on the other hand the fans, enchanted by great skills on the track and the wonderful landscape of this area of Valtellina.
For the first time in history, two races are scheduled in Alta Valtellina and this will give greater visibility to the entire province. Emotion will stand out in this area, which is the where our world champion Deborah Compagnoni was born and where – on the track named after her – she built right from the beginning the career that brought her many victories. She’s the same champion who, thanks to her talent, managed to bring the entire province of Sondrio in the limelight, with all its stunning natural beauties. It’s always a very important opportunity to host international competitions and it’s an honour that we deserve, as people from Valtellina and Valchiavenna.
It’s thanks to our own determination and the support of the institutions of the area if such events have been a constant for several years.
My thank you goes to all those who make it possible to organize events like this one, who give the opportunity to the entire valley to go beyond the geographical isolation and open up to the entire world and to have an adequate visibility.

Luca della Bitta
President of Provincia di Sondrio


Luca Bellotti For the third consecutive year, and with renewed pride, Valfurva is going to host the Men’s Alpine Skiing World Cup event. The challenge of Santa Caterina and Valfurva began three years ago, in a quiet way and with a little fear to replace the downhill race in Bormio. Now, after two editions – and with a highly spectacular one last year – we can affirm with no doubts and emphasis that the Deborah Compagnoni track is a track worth using and another ski pearl in Alta Valtellina for all world cup skiers and their entourages.
This year, the calendar even offers the alpine combined race that took place in Kitzbhuel until last year. Therefore, everyone’s commitment is not only doubled but will require dedication, skills and passion in order not to pale in comparison with Austria – the home of skiing. No fear in this case too because the professionalism of the organizers, volunteers, associations and people involved in tourism will guarantee the success this year too. I welcome the athletes, teams and federations of all countries and want to thank all institutions for the support to the event and especially to all those who voluntarily devote precious hours of their time sacrificing their daily lives in the name of a passion, of a sport and for sport. Thanks again!!!

Luca Bellotti
Councilor to Tourism Comune di Valfurva


Carla Cioccarelli This year too the Consorzio Bacino Imbrifero Montano dell’Adda joyfully takes part in the Alpine Ski World Cup event, taking place in Valfurva. Bim has always encouraged, valued and supported any initiative promoting peculiarities, nature, landscape, sport and cultural events and the attractions of the wonderful Valtellina and Valchiavenna territory. The World Cup downhill race is a key event in terms of sport prestige and tourism promotion of our ski area. It’s therefore with great enthusiasm that we once again salute the event, taking place in Santa Caterina Valfurva: we are sure it will be a great opportunity to enhance the area – as always.

Carla Cioccarelli
Bim President

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