The Italian and Austrian teams are coming to Santa Caterina Valfurva

La Deborah Compagnoni

The training scheduled for Sunday, December 20 and Monday, December 21 on the track Deborah Compagnoni Santa Caterina is gonna be a great test for the Italian DH team. The slope is the one where the fourth men’s DH race is scheduled on December 29 at 11.45 am. In addition to Fill, Innerhofer, Paris, Heel and the others we’ll see the training of the Austrian team: yesterday the team accepted the invitation of the Organizing Commitee and confirmed the arrival in Valtellina on Saturday evening, back from the DH races in Val Gardsena.

The track, created to host the women’s events of the World Championships in Bormio 2005, is in fact little known to men athletes, so each moment is a valuable experience for the race. Austria too is aware of the highly technical features of the “Compagnoni” slope, an ideal ground to refine the conditions of the jet men now that the season has absolutely started.

The Austrian delegation  consists of 29 people: 12 athletes (Mayer, Reichelt, Streitberger, Kroell, Baumann, Sheiber, Franz, Striedinger, Kriecmayr, Schweiger, Waldner and Johannes Kroell), 8 coaches, 3 physiotherapists and 6 skimen. They will stay at Hotel Palace in Bormio, while the “Azzurri” team are going to stay at Hotel Rezia, in Bormio too. The training will begin on Sunday morning in Santa Caterina. Everything is ready, the safety nets are installed and the snow on the track is perfect.


Picture: The track Deborah Compagnoni during the Audi FIS World Cup 2014


FIS visit on the Deborah Compagnoni slope: the works keep going on!

Hannes Trinkl (FIS race director) Omar Galli (race director) and Tino Pietrogiovanna (track director) met during the successful FIS visit while waiting for the official confirmation. Works on the Deborah Compagnoni slope keep going on in order to prepare it for the big day – December 29 – when the fastest skiers in the world will meet in the mountains of Alta Valtellina. We look forward to know the name of the new fastest jet man!


A Norwegian-French podium in Beaver Creek

Two-thirds of today’s podium in Beaver Creek is Norwegian. Aksel Lund Svindal wins for the third time this season, following the downhill and Super G victories in Lake Louise.

Second place is for Kjetil Jansrud (+0.30), on the same track where he won last year.

Today’s bronze medal goes to the French Guillermo Fayed. This is one of the best results in his overseas races, after the second DH place in Lake Louise.

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Regione Lombardia: presentation of the AUDI FIS Ski World Cup Santa Caterina

The Audi Fis World Cup has been presented in the moning in Milan, at  Regione Lombardia. The DH race is one of the most prestigious sport events hosted in Lombardia in 2015.

Among the people at the presentation there were Matteo Salvini, Vice president of Cancro Primo Aiuto, Lara Magoni and Antonio Rossi, Councillors at Regione Lombardia, Omar Galli and Maurizio Gandolfi of the Organizing Committee, Flavio Roda, President of  FISI and Marco Negrini, Councillor at Provincia di Sondrio.



A special podium in Lake Louise

Aksel Lund Svindal is today’s winner in Lake Louise 2015. The champion is definitely back! Do you remember Bormio 2013, when he dominated the Stelvio track? Such an exciting moment!

Second place is for Peter Fill, the Italian jet man! This is a very good start of season for him!

Travis Ganong gets the third place. The American champion has a special bond with Santa Caterina Valfurva: he was last year’s winner on the Deborah Compagnoni track!

Here they are! Three happy men :)

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The best of 2014..while waiting for 2015

Don’t worry too much, the best, most exciting and most thrilling 2014 moments are here in this video.

Share it with your friends, especially those fond of skiing and pure adrenaline!


Snow making time in Santa Caterina Valfurva!

Snow machines are fully working to prepare the ”Deborah Compagnoni” slope! Just one month and the pure adrenaline will be racing fast on a 3100 m track!

In the meanwhile enjoy the work in progress!


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One month to go! It’s Men’s DH time!

On December 29, 2015 you’re gonna experience pure adrenaline in Santa Caterina Valfurva!

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Ganong’s Colt mows down them all in Santa Caterina Valfurva

Claudio Pea e Dominik Paris - Credits: Ivan Carabiniby Claudio Pea

A success for the American who comes from the lake dear to Kit Carson and lives with Michelle Marie Gagnon – Another fantastic podium for Dominik Paris, the fourth of the season. And now it’s a second place in the DH World Cup – Second place for the Olympic champion Matthias Mayer – A change in the start because of the strong wind damages Christof Innerhofer – Eleventh place for Peter Fill, who has got fever

There is always someone who – for a few hundredth of a second – spoils Dominik Paris’ party. This time those “someone” are an American who comes from the town of Kit Carson, the legendary pioneer of the far west, and the number one of the Austrians, the Olympic DH champion in Sochi, Matthias Mayer. Read the rest of this entry »


A little snow ruins the plans of the DH champions

La pistaToday’s training on the Deborah Compagnoni was cancelled – Scary accident but without consequences for the first forerunner from Bormio at the Crap del Ricc jump – Tomorrow at 11.30 the long-awaited for and spectacular World Cup DH of Santa Caterina – Paris says: “It’s a really hard course”

It was still snowing when the evening shadow covered the village of Santa Caterina Valfurva. A thin, fragile snow. That kind of snow that slides sideways in your face and in your eyes as well. This is the reason why, together with the thick fog and low clouds, that the second training of DH World Cup was cancelled after several delays, at 12.30. The training was due to start an hour before with the start lowered to 2530 meters, at Muro Sobretta.

That’s where women usually start, avoiding the jumps between the rocks and the first super-G curves. Skewered shrimps, piadina bread and the music by Lorenzo: that’s how people waiting at the parterre passed their time. The group of lifeguards and the sailors from Riccione have been in Alta Valtellina for many years, almost every year, since Deborah Compagnoni was still an athlete. Mario – Bichina is his nickname – was so cool while cooking. Irresistable sea feelings among the mountains Sobretta and Königsspitze. Read the rest of this entry »

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