This morning people in Santa Caterina Valfurva – home of the Alpine Skiing World Cup Men’s downhill race on December 28 and of the alpine combined one on December 29 – woke up with a thick snowfall.

It’s the first real snowfall of the season in the town (on top of Mount Sobretta snow had already fallen). It’s just a few centimetres of snow, but enough to prepare the basis where – in the upcoming days – when the temperatures are expected to drop – artificial snow will be made.

It’s a good start for the Deborah Compagnoni slope, where the type A nets have already been placed, while the type B one will be placed only once the snow base is ready. The Santa Caterina ski area will open on December 3 but FIS races are scheduled from November 29 to December 2 and it’ll be a great test ahead of the World Cup.


Santa Caterina in Soelden for the Alpine Skiing World Cup 2016-17 opening

The Alpine Skiing World Cup 2016/17 starts tomorrow with the women’s giant slalom taking place in Soelden (Aut). It’s a special edition celebrating the 50th birthday of the event that started in 1967. Santa Caterina is in Soelden to introduce its two-day programme of December 28 and 29.

Last year the men’s downhill race on the Deborah Compagnoni track proved to be the most exciting event of the season and was won by the French Theaux, first place before the Austrian Reichelt. And of course you all remember that race for that pole stuck for 20 endless seconds to Christof Innerhofer’s helmet. This year, the race will definitely be of the same technical level because the slope is full of all possible difficulties a jet man can face when racing.

In the summer the works to prepare the slope made an even safer track which is already considered by athletes and experts a true cathedral of this discipline. Two jumps have been renamed: the “salto delle Reti” – after the parabolic Daytona curve – is now dedicated to Pietro Vitalini; the “salto del Gallo” – just before the “Canalino” – has a new name which is a tribute to Christof Innerhofer.

This year, the programme in Santa Caterina is enriched by another race, the men’s super combined, which was usually scheduled in Kitzbuehel. The first super combined event will be the super-G (and the width and variety of the track are perfect for a very spectacular tracing) while the second will be the slalom.


Innerhofer in a famous Italian TV programme

Fabio Fazio con paletto e bandierina!

Christof Innerhofer has been one of today’s host of the famous Italian TV programme “Che tempo che fa”, along with the pole and the flag that made ​​him famous in Santa Caterina on December 29, 2015! He got a phenomenal 4th place after hitting and stranding a gate at over 100 km per hour and competing in unique circumstances.

Experience the pure adrenaline of the event, together with the protagonists of that memorable day that made Adrien Théaux DH king of the Deborah Compagnoni slope.


Thank you all!

The last 10 days have been thrilling and full of emotions , from the DH victory of Adrien Théaux on December 29, to the first place of Nina Loeseth in the Ladies’ slalom and the podium of Marcel Hirscher in Men’s slalom.

A special thank you to all those who worked hard for the success of these world events, to the many volunteers who devoted some of their precious time to make the show even more exciting and to the many, many fans who passionately enjoyed the many moments of great skiing and pure adrenaline on the Deborah Compagnoni slope.


Credits img: Ivan Carabini


Hirscher is the winner in Santa Caterina

Respect for Marcel Hirscher. People wondering what being a champion means please watch Marcel Hirscher’s second slalom run in Santa Caterina (So) – the slalom that was originally due in Zagreb and later cancelled because of lack of snow. The Austrian who won the last four World Cups didn’t find the right pace in the first run, being the course too tight and slow. He was third with 3/100 of a second behind the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen and 10/100 from the Russian Alexander Khoroshilov.

But in the second run he was definitely faster, he risked it all and had his revenge on Kristoffersen – who beat him in the two previous slaloms of the World Cup season. The young Norwegian is second (21/100 of a second behind Hirscher) while Khoroshilov is third (32/100 of a second).

It was a difficult race for the “Azzurri” instead. They were probably influenced by the results of the previous two slaloms – Val d’Isere and Madonna di Campiglio. On a track where they needed to attack from the first centimeter of the first run they looked like they mainly wanted to cross the finish line without trying to get to the limit. Stefano Gross, at the start with bib number 1, was only 17th (+1″36 from the first run leader Alexander Khoroshilov). He did better in the second run and at the end he got a 12th position (+1″99).

Giuliano Razzoli was unlucky: he was 22nd in the first run, he was doing very well in the second one, but a hump stopped his race. Patrick Thaler was 14th and eventually gained 16 positions in the second run with a third partial time. Riccardo Tonetti is 23rd. Manfred Moelgg was out of the games in the first run. He lost support and fell on the pole. He had a trauma to his left iliac crest that required a more thorough diagnostic check at the hospital in Sondalo where, however, they didn’t notice further damages. Ballerin and the newbie Sala were out in the first run and a feverish Roberto Nani did not qualify for the second run.

Considering the problems with snow, many teams will stay in Santa Caterina to train during the next few days, before being back on course on Sunday in Adelboden (Switzerland).


Credits: Marcel Hirscher FB profile 


Starting list Men’s slalom

Download the starting list of the Men’s slalom taking place in Santa Caterina on January 6, 2016


The beautiful Loeseth is the winner in Santa Caterina

The 26 year old Norwegian racer Nina Loeseth got her first World Cup victory in Santa Caterina, in front of Alberto Tomba – who awarded her.

She already got three podiums, including two of this season (she was second in the Courchevel giant slalom and third in the Are slalom). She is ahead the Czech Sarka Strachova – Zarobska, before she married – and the Slovak Veronika Velez Zuzulova (+ 1”37). This is the 9th Norwegian victory this season.

Nina Loeseth was the fastest in both runs – just like great athletes can. It was not easy on two tracks that were difficult to understand, quite slow and in which the athletes were continually forced to change their skiing attitude because of slope changes. The Norwegian, with her bib number 1, gave a strong and continuous interpretation of the race. The ranking leader, the Swedish Frida Hansdotter is 5th (+2”12) after the 9th position of the first run. The Slovak Vhlova was out on the first run.

Sad day for the Italians. Manuela Moelgg is the only one who reached the second run, she was 26th in the first run, but with a great gap (+2”52) behind the Norwegian. She tried to attack in the second run, but in the middle she basically stopped and got a 24th position. Chiara Costazza, Irene Curtoni (she got a flu last night) and the young Federica Sosio didn’t reach the finish area in the first run while Federica Brignone and Roberta Midali did not qualify.

Tomorrow it’s Men’s slalom time (always at 10 am and 1pm) with a great duel between the Norwegian Henrik Kristoffersen and the Austian Marcel Hirscher. Italy relies on Giuliano Razzoli and Stefano Gross. On course we’ll find also Andrea Ballerin, Manfred Moelgg, Roberto Nani, Patrick Thaler, Riccardo Tonetti and Tommaso Sala from Lecco, a newbie in the World Cup. The men’s slalom in Santa Caterina will broadcast live on RaiSport 1 and Eurosport.


Credits img: fisalpine



Tomorrow it’s Women’s slalom time

The World Cup restarts from where it ended in 2015. It’ll be in Santa Caterina Valfurva (Sondrio) tomorrow and Wednesday with the slaloms originally scheduled in Zagreb and cancelled for lack of snow. The race is going to take place in the final part of the track of a Deborah Compagnoni slope that had already been perfectly prepared for the men’s downhill race on December 29.

The snowfalls of the last few hours haven’t compromised the quality of the track that has been blocked in order to ensure 100% regularity during the two days of races. The women’s teams will arrive today in Santa Caterina and some of them, such as the Canada team, were already here to train.

Tomorrow it’ll be women’s slalom time, the fifth of the season, with races at 10am and 1pm. Infront, which produces TV images, positioned 15 cameras  on the track, while the sixteenth will be used for the slow motion. The track is 750 meters long and with a vertical drop of 200 metres. The training zone is in the upper part of the track.

Tomorrows’ favourite is the Swedish Frida Hansdotter, the leader of the ranking with 320 points, and the winner in Lienz. She is 100 point ahead the Slovak Petra Vhlova, but it will not be easy for her on a track with at least five changes of pace.

Italy will compete with six athletes: Chiara Costazza, Irene Curtoni, Manuela Moelgg, Federica Brignone, Roberta Vidali and Federica Sosio. Both races will be broadcast live on RaiSport 1 and Eurosport.


Slaloms are coming to Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina (So) is ready to host the two World Cup slalom races originally scheduled in Zagreb (Cro) and cancelled by FIS because of lack of snow. Tuesday, January 5 will be the Ladies’ turn with two manches set at 10am and 1pm while Wednesday, January 6 will be Men’s time – at the same hours.

The theatre of the challenges will be the final part of the Deborah Compagnoni slope, the stage of one of the most beautiful and exciting DH races of the last seasons Cup – on December, 29.

The theatre of the race will be the final part, the one looking up to the mountain, from the right side upstream the Fank area until the finish line, in order to have the best possible conditions in both races.

The track had already been perfectly set for the DH race, it was only a matter of making harder snow. The start is at 1930 m. asl and the finish line will be at 1730 m. asl. 200 m. in altitude on a 750 m. track with at least 5 changes of pace.

The Ladies’ slalom won’t feature Michaela Schiffrin who’s recovering from the knee injury of early December during the giant slalom training in Are. This is a possibility for the Swedish Frida Handotter to go further, but it won’t be easy against the emerging lady Petra Vlhova from Slovakia. Italy’s hopes are for Irene Curtoni and Manuela Moelgg in particular.

On January 6 the fight will be hard for the men. The previous two world cup races of this season (in Val d’sere and Madonna di Campiglio) were dominated by Norway racer Henrik Kristoffersen. Marcel Hirscher follow him, but the Austrian has a chance to go on top of the overall standing because after the DH race of December 29, only 15 points separate him from Aksel Svindal. Both races will be broadcast live on Raisport 1 and Eurosport.


Accreditation for the 5/6 January event

From December 31, 2015 to January 3, 2016 accreditation for the women and men slalom events taking place in Santa Caterina will be possible.

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