The Super-G domination of the Norwegian Kjetil Jansrud continues: after Val d’Isere and Gardena he dominated also in Santa Caterina. Three different courses for what speed and features is concerned and three small masterpieces. With 1’30 “88 Kjetil is ahead of Austrian Hannes Reichelt with 60/100 and our Dominik Paris with 65/100.

The secret of the Norwegian is in the great technical fundamentals, in the softness and fluidity of his movements, a fundamental feature on a complex course like the Compagnoni one. “I was really fast on the top – said Jansrud – I just tried to ski well, to make no mistakes.”

It was a nice super-G the one created by Eric Seletto – former Azzurro from Valle D’Aosta and now coach of the French team, who took full advantage of the roughness of the track. Closed in the first part and fast in the second half, just right to highlight the talent. The final results don’t lie. The World Cup leader, the Austrian Marcel Hirscher, is disappointed and among the last with 3 “43 behind Jansrud.


Start list Super-G, December 27, 2016

Tomorrow at 11 am it’ll be Super-G time, previously due in Lake Louise.

Download the start list here:


In Santa Caterina you can ask for the passport “In Lombardia”

There’s one more reason to watch the Men’s World Cup races live in Santa Caterina Valfurva (Sondrio) from tomorrow until Thursday, December 29. People at the parterre will withdraw the PASSPORT of “In Lombardia” – a document to collect stamps of the main towns of the region.

A kind of “Camino de Santiago” among natural, artistic and cultural beauties in Lombardia, collected in a document which witnesses our visits and our emotions.

The passport can also be bought at the main newsstands in Lombardia with the documentation about the regional treasures. For more information visit:

The competition programme:
Tuesday, December 27: Super G (11 am)
Wednesday, December 28: Downhill (11:45 am)
Thursday, December 29: Alpine Combined (Super-G 10.30 am, Slalom 2 pm).



First DH training in Santa Caterina – Innerhofer is the fastest before Austria

Christof Innerhofer was the fastest in today’s DH training in Santa Caterina Valfurva, the only one before the official DH race on Wednesday December 28 at 11.45 am. The Azzurro is the fastest with more than a second from the Austrians Mayer and Reichelt.

“Everyone knows I like this track – said the Azzurro – and I know that this race can be even better. On the top part of the course I made a few mistakes I will try to avoid during the race. But I am confident. ”

Mattia Casse did well too with his eighth time. Fill and Paris are far behind. The Austrian Baumann fell and in the afternoon medical checks will be made. The Norwegian Axel Svindal didn’t take part to the training and therefore will not race on Thursday. His knee is sore after the Val Gardena races.

The start of this training has been lowered to Crap del Ricc, the jump the athletes would have faced a few seconds after the start. So, as regulation says, the starting point of the race on December 28 will be this one.

The Men’s World Cup chief race director Markus Waldner explains it: “It is a very challenging jumping and with just one training available we consider this passage as a risky one, especially for younger athletes. But the DH will be as spectacular as usual, considering the many difficulties of the Deborah Compagnoni course”.

The DH will lose only 4 seconds (compared to last year’s winner timing, the French Theaux) and 60 meters in altitude towards the original 1005. Tomorrow it’s super-G time. This is the programme of the Men’s World Cup in Santa Caterina:

December 27 – Super G (11 am)
December 28 – DH (11:45 am)
December 29 – Alpine combined (super-G 10:30 am; slalom 2 pm)


Interview: Travis Ganong

Travis Ganong, the winner of the Santa Caterina Downhill in 2014 speaks with us at the end of the two team training days of the past few days.



Interviews: Max Franz and Thomas Tuti

In these two videos you can hear the words by the Austrian Max Franz (the winner of the last DH race in Val Gardena) and Thomas Tuti – the skiman of Mattia Casse – who reveals the secrets of the perfect skis.


Paris is fast in the last team trainings on the Compagnoni in Santa Caterina

Dominik Paris, allenamento team a Santa Caterina - 20.12.16Dominik Paris shone like a star this morning in   Santa Caterina Valfurva, during the team trainings on the Compagnoni course – the World Cup theatre of a Super-G on December 27, of a Downhill on December 28 and of an Alpine Combined on December 29.

It was a real ‘tour de force’ for the Azzurro from  Val d’Ultimo – who raced on Monday night in the parallel giant slalom of Alta Badia and reached Santa Caterina by helicopter in the morning (6 minutes flight instead of 3 hours drive) – and who proved to stand out.

“Rest? – said Domme – Yes, a bit but I have two days of slalom training to prepare for the Alpine Combined.” He was the fastest this morning, ahead of  of Austrians, the Americans and the Canadian Cook. Hannes Trinkl – Race Director World Cup Men Speed Events – was there too and was satisfied with the conditions of the Compagnoni slope: “The track is in excellent conditions, still some details to be fixed and next week it will be perfect.” he said.

Peter Fill, instead, didn’t do any Downhill training and preferred a Super-G  one on the same track. Now it’s time to rest, at home to celebrate Christmas with  families, but on Sunday everyone will be back to Santa Caterina for the first official training on Monday, December 26.



Peter Fill a Santa Caterina 19.12.2016Peter Fill is the fastest in today’s training on the track Deborah Compagnoni in Santa Caterina, the theatre of three Men’s World Cup races from December 27 to December 29: a Super-G on the 27th (at 11 am), a Downhill on the 28th (at 11.45am) and an Alpine Combined on the 29th (a Super-G at 10.30am and a Slalom at 2pm).

It was not an easy morning after the light snowfall last the night, especially because it was hampered by strong winds in the upper part of the track. That made the first jump – the legendary Crep of Ricc – dangerous. That’s the reason why the technical staff (Ghidoni, those of the Austrian, American and Canadian teams) decided to lower the start under this jump. At full speed the track could be run in 1’38″. “It ‘s really beautiful and challenging,” said the Austrian Franz, the winner of Saturday’s DH race in Gardena. The Austrians Reichelt, Baumann and Striedinger, the Americans Nymann and Ganong (winner in S. Caterina in 2014) and the Canadians Weibrecht and Cook trained as well.

The ‘Azzurri’ Casse and Innerhofer trained too, but after two warm-up laps and a passage on the track, it decided to go down for persistent pain in the patellar tendon in his right knee. “I’m leaving right away – said Christof. In the afternoon I’ll be in Munich for an appointment with Dr. Muller to reduce this inflammation before the next week.’s race” Innerhofer knows that this is his track and he wants to get the most of it. Tomorrow morning, after the race in Alta Badia, Dominik Paris will arrive in Santa Caterina for a final monitoring before the races on the track .


Jet men in Santa Caterina to test the challenging Compagnoni slope

After the races in Val Gardena most of the people involved in the speed World Cup events will move to Santa Caterina Valfurva for a training on the Deborah Compagnoni slope on Monday, December 19 and Tuesday, December 20. The track will be the theatre of three Men’s World Cup races from December 27 to December 29. December 26 will be DH training time (at 11.30), the day after it’s going to be Super-G’s time (to replace the deleted one in Lake Louise) at 11.00. December 28 will be DH’s turn (at 11:45) and on December 29 there will be an Alpine Combined (Super-G at 10.30 and Slalom at 2.00).

Immediately after the race, the Austrians reach Hotel Palace in Bormio. The group consists of 8 athletes (Mayer, Reichelt, Baumann, Franz, Walder, Striedinger, Kirchmayr and Schweiger), six coaches, two physiotherapists and eight ski men. They’re going to rest tomorrow, waiting for Monday.

The Italian team’s headquarters in Bormio, instead, will be Hotel Rezia: Innerhofer, Fill and Casse are expected, while Paris will arrive on Tuesday, after the race in Alta Badia. The Canadian Cook and the Americans Weibrecht, Nyman, Ganong, Bennett and Biesemeyer are about to arrive as well.

The Deborah Compagnoni track is ready, the snow is perfect. This morning the installation of the B nets is about to be completed. On the occasion of the training on the race track, the passages and the many difficulties of the track will be signaled using a fluorescent green, instead of the traditional blue, to increase safety by giving better reference points to the jet men.


Positive snow control in Santa Caterina. This is the events’ programme

It’s green light for the Deborah Compagnoni track from Markus Waldner (Chief Race Director World Cup Men) and Hannes Trinkl (Race Director World Cup Men Speed Events) after this morning’s “snow control” on the pist where three races are scheduled at the end of December in Santa Caterina Valfurva (Sondrio). The FIS directors had already seen the track in the previous days and that of yesterday was only just a formal confirmation.

The track Deborah Compagnoni is in excellent snow conditions and the organizers are working to fix the last details. The lower part of the track has already been tested: six FIS races took place last week and now the entire track is ready to host the trainings of the Italian and Austrian teams on Monday, December 19 and Tuesday, December 20. Meanwhile, other teams have already asked to train on the race track, taking its many difficulties into consideration.

This is the programme of the Men’s World Cup in Santa Caterina.

• Monday, December 26 at 11:30 am: Downhill training
• Tuesday, December 27 at 11 am: Super-G race (due in Lake Louise). Downhill training
• Wednesday, December 28 at 11:45 am: DH
• Thursday, December 29: Alpine combined (10:30 am Super-G, 2 pm Slalom)

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