pista stelvio ispiezione 2This morning Marcus Waldner (Chief Race Director WC Men) and Hannes Trinkl (Race Director WC Men – Speed Events), together with Omar Galli (Race director), Pasquale Canclini (Representative for Società Impianti Bormio) and Chicco Pedrini (Safety officer), inspected the Stelvio piste in Bormio, where the two World Cup events will take place on December 28 (DH) and December 29 (Alpine Combined).

It was a long-planned visit and happened before the start of the World Cup circuit on October 28 – with the Men’s and Women’s giant slaloms in Soelden (Aut). In addition to the piste that the two FIS representatives already know, they verified the fiber optic connectivity that will allow television shots, the timing and all communications in complete security. Read the rest of this entry »



After three years Bormio is once again part of the FIS Alpine World Cup circuit. Its come back was officially presented in the wonderful setting of Terrazza Martini – in the heart of Milan – during the press conference when Fisi and President Flavio Roda introduced the season that’s about to start. A very important and difficult one, which will reach its peak in February 2018, on the occasion of the Winter Olympics in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.

The Olympic Games and their great popularity have always been the best way to engage even those people who are not fond of skiing and other snow disciplines. In a period like Christmas – which is crucial for what television audience matters – Bormio too is preparing to prove once again its value among the most exciting winter venues. This was briefly explained by Valeriano Giacomelli, the AD of Società Impianti Bormio: “We purchased 18 last-generation snow guns and boosted the water network to produce the one hundred thousand cubic meters of snow needed to prepare the Stelvio piste. On December 28 we will host the DH race, on December 29 the Alpine Combined and  the following day the Italian championships at night. We still thank Santa Caterina Valfurva for hosting the last three editions that allowed Lombardia to keep staying in the World Cup circuit.” Read the rest of this entry »


Pinturault: “The most beautiful alpine combined of my career”

Alexis Pinturault (Fra) – The winner

“I’ve never faced such an alpine combined, it was hard, very hard. But I’m proud I moved to the maximum level. Yes, I did something great. I took risks in SuperG, but I managed to achieve everything I promised to myself. I knew the day before that Hirscher and I would have been close after the superG and it was fundamental to maintain maximum concentration. I somehow don’t understand the lack of interest towards alpine combined. With this formula it is still a recent race but already of the highest level and it is a show. However, my season has taken the right direction after a difficult start. Now I have found my balance made of rest, training and races and I can only get better. ”

MARCEL HIRSCHER (Aut) – Second place

“After the SuperG result on Tuesday I didn’t have great confidence in a good result. The Compagnoni course is a difficult one for the speed race and I just hoped to be able to be in the top 20. I don’t have much Super-G training, therefore – after the SuperG – I was extremely pleased and I was convinced slalom would have been a challenge with Pinturault. I knew I was here to win. I’m tired, I’ll rest a few days and then see you in Zagreb. ”


ALEKSANDER Kilde – Third place

I’m proud of my third place, but the most important thing is to have found the feelings I pursued since the beginning of the season in SuperG. I was looking for a nice race and attacked as I did. Norway? Yes, it’s a fantastic start of the season for us. It’s an honor for me to be part of this group, every day you learn something new. “


AC Santa Caterina: Pinturault beats Hirscher

The two star racers offered the most convincing evidence of their talent in the fast race, the one which is not favorable for them. They were in fact second and third after the fast race and able to make the most of a trace - the one of Frenchman Fournier - which is closer to giant slalom rather than DH.

Pinturault and Hirscher proved the best technique and courage in Santa Caterina Valfurva, on the Deborah Compagnoni course. The slalom created by Norwegian Mazuir was simple enough, but only Kilde was able to take advantage of it while Kjetil Jansrud was soon out of the games.

The Italians are far. Dominik Paris was a hope, fifth after the Super-G, but unfortunately the Azzurro was out in the slalom after a brave start. The best one is Peter Fill, 17th place, and author of a good slalom run after partially failing "his" super-G. Luca De Aliprandini is 26th in spite of a single day of slalom training. What a pity for Innerhofer, who fell in the Super-G: a knee sprain is feared

That’s how the festival of Santa Caterina ends. Unfortunately the wind forced a DH cancellation, but the Compagnoni course has already been promoted in the elite of the temples of speed.


AC SuperG: Kilde is fast as a missile – Slalom is starts at 2pm

The Norwegian athlete Alex Kilde (24 years old) was the fastest of the SuperG race (as part of the Alpine combined) on the Deborah Compagnoni course in Santa Caterina Valfurva (Sondrio). With 1’32 “65 he is ahead of a fantastic Marcel Hirsher (+0,79), Frenchman Alexis Pinturault (the +0.84) and the Swiss Mauro Caviezel (+ 1.12).

Kilde created his great race facing the curves in the shade immediately after the start and and made it even greater in the final part of the woods. Great precision and a very determined attitude were the fundamental for his performance.

Dominik Paris, 5th place (+ 1,13) is the best ‘Azzurro’ while Peter Fill was below par (+2.72). Christof Inerhofer fell near the finish area and is suffering a calf bruise.

But we are only halfway there, slalom starts at 2pm and that’ll give us the final podium.


Start list – Alpine combined

Download the start list of the Alpine combined race



The Santa Caterina Men’s World Cup DH race, the third of the season, was cancelled. A difficult decision to take, that cancelles months of work to create the perfect course and the stage for a high level performance too.

The course was perfect, as demonstrated yesterday with the Super-G due in Lake Louise (Canada), but no one can stop the wind. An evil north wind that started to blow last night. It reached a high speed, up to 120 km p/h, and threw away two of the 22 cameras on the course.

“We tried it all – explains the FIS Chief of race director Markus Waldner – and it’is a shame because the course was just perfect. We were up there at dawn, we lowered the start at Daytona curve (the same start as yesterday’s super-G) postponed the race twice but all was useless. What a shame, it would have been a fantastic DH race. ”

“We even thought – continues Waldner – to postpone this race to Friday, December  30 but it’s not possible. It’s not easy in this high season period to find the necessary rooms and – in particular – the US and Canadian team members have already the plane tickets with the date written on them in their pockets and the World Cup calendar doesn’t allow the schedule of other speed events”.

Alpine combined is scheduled for tomorrow, Super-G at 10.30 am and Slalom at 2 pm.


DH Start List

See the start list of the Santa Caterina DH race


Press conference 27/12 – SuperG Santa Caterina

Kjetil Jansrud, Hannes Reichelt and Dominik Paris and their words.



These are the statements of the protagonists during the press conference

Kjetil Jansrud (Nor), first place
“I’m really surprised because I have never been able to express myself the best I could on this course. The low light in the upper part has always intimidated me. Besides, I’ve got a little flu. This victory is a good omen for the DH race.
Me as Hermann Maier? Three consecutive Super-G victories are incredible. I was already happy with two, it is a great honor to be compared to Hermann. But I’ll think of history only at the end of my career”.

Hannes Reichelt (Aut), second place
“For me it is a very important result after the back surgery in September. I thought “I could be competitive in January” but I’ve anticipated it and it’s great considering that the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships 2017 will happen in six weeks. For me and the rest of the Austrian team Franz’s victory in Gardena was crucial. This Compagnoni is a beautiful course, it enhances Super-G. I missed two curves on the top part, I didn’t take any risk, but only at the end I was able to attack as I did. ”

DOMINIK PARIS (Ita), third place
“I’m really happy with this third place, also because I didn’t do that well during the DH training. After the debaclé in Gardena it was not easy to find the right skiing pace. Now it’s DH time, I will not repeat the mistakes of the training. “

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