Gallery 2016

29/12 – Alpine combined

All today’s best. Congrats to the podium guys and to all those perople who made it all possible here in Santa Caterina Valfurva.

29/12 – Christof Innerhofer’s fall sequence

28/12 – DH race cancelled

Unfortunately no DH race today due to strong wind conditions! What a shame, we are sure it would have been a wonderful experience for us all.
But there’s still something to see. Take a look at our gallery.

27/12 – The bib draw party

Santa Caterina celebrated together with the World Cup athletes during the DH bib draw ceremony!

27/12 – Super-G Santa Caterina

The Norvegian domination continues! Kjetil Jansrud is the winner, followed by the Austrian Hannes Reichelt and the ‘Azzurro’ Dominik Paris.
More photos to come soon!

26/12 – Official DH training day

Christof Innerhofer was the fastest one in today’s official DH training. He knows he can do good things on this track that has a jupm named after him!

20/12 – Second training day on the Compagnoni slope while waiting for the World Cup races

Today too several athlets of the Italian Austrian, American and Canadian teams met in Santa Caterina for a training. Today’s fastest one was Dominik Paris and all jet men are highly motivated to do well!

19/12 – First training day on the Compagnoni slope while waiting for the World Cup races

The Azzurri and several athlets of the Austrian, American and Canadian teams met on the Deborah Compagnoni slope to train just a few days before the start of the  Santa Caterina Valfurva World Cup events.

The jet men did a few warm up laps and Peter Fill was the fastest while Christof Innerhofer left in the afternoon because of a patellar tendon pain.

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