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It’s a great joy for Bormio to host once again the Alpine Ski World Cup races. It’s a happy come back to tradition, with the unbreakable combination of Men’s World Cup and Stelvio piste. This year the DH race on December 28 will be followed by the Alpine Combined scheduled on December 29. Bormio has welcomed this double challenge with renewed enthusiasm; of course it’s demanding from an organizational point of view, but it becomes an opportunity of growth for the entire community.
Events like these need the support of all: the citizens, associations and business in the area. I wish all those who will stay in Bormio during the World Cup competitions to enjoy moments of fun thanks to the efficiency of our sport facilities and the wide range of slopes offered by the Alta Valtellina area.

It won’t be sport only, anyway. There are so many peculiar aspects that make the “Magnifica Terra” a unique place, like the unbeatable landscapes of the Stelvio National Park, where the anthropic elements are so discreet that they become one with the surrounding environment. People who take advantage of the sport event to stay here will also experience the healthy relaxation of the thermal baths: they’ve been known for years and started the first tourist flows in Alta Valle. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by the glimpses of the town centre, with its palaces, which were the centre of Bormio’s political life in the past, or the little houses in the surrounding areas of the town. They reveal a past of farming and pastoral activities that shaped and preserved the territory.

On behalf of the citizenship, I warmly welcome the World Cup and I wish you all to live those days in full and in the name of friendship, sport, culture and nature that characterize our area.

The Mayor of Bormio
Roberto Volpato

Giovanni Malagò - Presidente CONIValtellina is a great resource for Italian sport. It has always been the perfect location for real challenges surrounded by the most extraordinary beauty of nature. After three years of great emotions on the Deborah Compagnoni piste in Santa Caterina Valfurva, the Ski World Cup is back to “the Stelvio” in Bormio, which is a legend of alpine skiing for its technical and spectacular qualities. Show will be guaranteed by the work of an Organizing Committee that has proven experience and reliability over time. The World Ski Championships and the World Cup Finals in Valtellina are the best business card, witnessing the quality of a long-established organization.

The Downhill and the Alpine Combined races scheduled just one month before the PyeongChang Winter Olympics will be a perfect horoscope of what could happen in South Korea because the Stelvio, with all its technical difficulties, shows the real value of the athletes. In Bormio, on December 28 and 29 the best athletes will be there and the “Azzurri” are among them. The hope is that our Fill, Paris, Innerhofer and teammates will take advantage of the event in Valtellina in terms of confidence needed to get that Downhill gold Olympic medal that has been far from Italy for a long time.

Foreign athletes are strong, but thanks to the targeted work of FISI our boys have come to their best to play the part of protagonists. Bormio will be a great opportunity to promote the DH discipline and to convey its importance and beauty in the eyes and hearts of the new generations, while keeping with the legitimate expectations of fans and supporters. On personal behalf and on behalf of the Italian National Olympic Committee, I send the most sincere greetings to the organizers, to all the local institutions and the athletes. I’m sure that another unforgettable page of Italian sports will be written.

Giovanni Malagò
President CONI

Flavio Roda - Presidente FISIThe Ski World Cup is back on the Stelvio after three years. It’s one of the most technical pistes in the world and it gave great satisfaction to Italy in the past years.
I want to congratulate the Società Impianti Bormio and the Organizing Committee for the huge organizational effort put in place after decision was taken to bring the World Cup circuit back to its traditional location. And I want to take advantage of this to thank Santa Caterina Valfurva for effectively taking the place of Bormio for three seasons in the organization of the “end of the year” race, and thus permitting to keep that event in Italy, also with the support of Regione Lombardia.
This year – in addition to the two men’s races scheduled in the Fis calendar – Bormio will host the Italian Slalom Championships. This is an important event for the ski resort in Lombardia, which will show great organizational skills as usual.
I’m sure we’ll be part of days of great high level sport, and that the best athletes in the world will fight to see their name in the prestigious Bormio hall of fame.
For Italian winter sports it will be a new season of great commitment, considering – in particular – the excellent results achieved last year. Commitment to make good things is there, determination is there too and we hope Bormio will be a place of good results for the “Azzurri”, right in the middle of the season that will bring the best ones to the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.

Flavio Roda
President FISI

Roberto MaroniThe Alpine Ski World Cup has come to its 52nd edition and it’s back to Bormio. A very difficult piste, even for the most experienced athletes. It’s more than 3000 m long, with a 986 m vertical drop and – in a few parts – more than 60% slope. The greatness of “Stelvio” is related to its great technical difficulty, it’s what a former FIS President called – and that’s true – the “Scala theatre of winter sports”.

Great events, such as the Ski World Cup, are like a light illuminating the beauty, hospitality and tourist offer not only of Valtellina but also of our entire region. Such events have a large international eco that favours the development of local attractiveness and the growth of the local economy, with benefits that can be felt even months after the end of the event. That’s why, since the legislature began, Regione Lombardia has supported 47 great sport events by allocating more than four million euro. We will play our part on the occasion of the World Cup too.

My best wishes to all the champions that will fight during the DH and Alpine Combined events. I’m sure they will be two unforgettable days, just pure adrenaline!

Roberto Maroni
President Regione Lombardia

Antonio Rossi - Assessore allo Sport e Giovani Regione LombardiaYou say “winter” and you think of skiing. You say “skiing” and you think of Regione Lombardia, which will be once again among the protagonists of the most important alpine skiing circuit, with Bormio coming back as Men’s World Cup venue with the DH race on December 28 and the Alpine Combined one on December 29.
The success of the last three editions in Santa Caterina Valfurva is for sure one of the reasons that led FIS to reassign to our territory one of the most important events of the circuit.
Regione Lombardia is once again ready to support the great sport event that not only is the “end of the year” one, but will also act as a launching pad for the Pyeongchang Olympic Games just a month after.
Bormio and the “Stelvio“ are one of the excellence of our territory. The beauty of the landscape, the technical characteristics of the piste and the skills of the Organizing Committee complete a picture that is admired beyond borders.
Mountain is not only a synonym for snow and sports, it also includes related professions, from ski instructors to alpine guides of all levels, people working in mountain huts, in the hotels and owning shops: they’re fundamental all year long. Our last works dealing with hiking and the upgrading of our cliffs are two examples of the attention my department has for this territory, that can be visited all year long. Sport tourism is among the benefits that events like the Ski World Cup races give to our venues and it becomes a way to promote our region worldwide. I want to thank the organizers who – thanks to the synergy with us and FISI – will be once again the creators of the success involving the entire territory. I also thank all the people from Bormio and fans and supporters who will be among the protagonists of this event. See you near the Stelvio! Good luck to all the athletes!
Antonio Rossi
Councillor of Sport e Youth Regione Lombardia

2017 is the year of Bormio coming back as the Alpine Ski World Cup venue, for an event that keeps happening in Alto Valtellina thanks to the work of the Organizing Committee and all the operators, both public and private, who have been sharing their commitment and passion for great sport events for years.

Santa Caterina gives way to Bormio after three years of work to keep the World Cup DH race in Valtellina, with excellent feedback among athletes and fans who could find in that location too a continuity in terms of show and technical content of the competition.

What Bormio and Santa Caterina share, together with the whole Alta Valtellina area, is the ever-proven quality demonstrated in terms of organizational work, the ability to prepare all the services and equipment in time and to determine the full success of the events, the capability to work together, the commitment and the passion of the hoteliers to guarantee hospitality and friendship to all the guests who come here to follow the races.

The Ski World Cup in Alta Valtellina recalls values in terms of organization, enthusiasm, professionalism, landscapes and a very interesting holiday offer.
The strength of the area is not only about winter sports, it offers also an unspoilt natural environment, the opportunity to enjoy many excursions, the flavour and the quality of local food and wine products, relax at the thermal baths, and the wellness and fun of outdoor activities you can practice in the winter season too, as the climate is pleasant and the temperatures never too low.

On behalf of the community I thank the Organizing Committee, the specialists and the many volunteers who put together their passion and work towards the full success of the sport event, as well as all the public and private subjects that provide financial and operational support.

Let the World Cup races be a joyful event for the skiing world this year too, and that guests, athletes, teams and fans find the hospitality and friendship that our mountain people can express.

Filippo Compagnoni
Councillor to Tourism Comunità Montana Alta Valtellina

Carla CioccarelliValtellina is once again a protagonist!
After two years in Santa Caterina Valfurva, this year Bormio is in the limelight and hosts the much waited for Ski World Cup races.
It’s a ”come back” to the beautiful and even more modern “Stelvio” piste, which has been the location of exciting challenges by great champions over the years.
It’s an event that can’t be missed by many people: the athletes, the Organizing Committee, the fans, and all those involved in the event.
This is a formidable showcase for our valley, and for holiday destinations in particular.
Once again the great and constant commitment of the people in Valtellina, the determination, the synergy and the union that distinguish the people of our valleys has proved to be a winning one.
The confirmation of this event is a demonstration of that.
Let’s keep working in this direction and we will always be more protagonists of our future!
Thank you to you all and have fun!

Luca Della Bitta
President Provincia di Sondrio

The legendary “STELVIO” is back to the World Cup circuit. After two years, Bormio hosts once again the World Cup DH race. My warm thank you goes to Santa Caterina Valfurva: with its excellent slopes and its impeccable organization it guaranteed that this prestigious sport event – a unique and precious showcase for our area – could keep staying in Italy and Valtellina. The availability of slopes suitable for such events within a few kilometers is a “unicum” in the world, an added value that must be highlighted and promoted for what winter sports is concerned. The match “sport-tourism” becomes once again a precious opportunity to convey knowledge of the natural, historical, and cultural heritage that characterizes the “Magnifica Terra” and its surrounding areas (just think of its natural, thermal, architectural, artistic, and food excellences). My most heartfelt welcome goes to athletes, specialists, delegations and the whole World Cup environment. I hope that Bormio and Alta Valtellina will be able to give support to all participants to make the success of such an important sport event.
I wish everyone a good end of 2017 and a 2018 full of satisfaction, both in sport life and in general.

Roberto Spechenhauser
Bormio Councilor to Sport


Mountains in Valtellina, the holiday locations, the organizational skills and warm welcome are involved in a new and important test: the opportunity, for our territory, to be considered for what it’s worth of. The great sport events promoted in the past years – those related to alpine skiing in particular – helped to enhance not only the image of the locations that hosted them but of the entire Valtellina too.

The media eco that has always followed has increased the notoriety and prestige of a territory characterized by extraordinary potential, and the tourists have learned to appreciate and love it. The peculiar offer combining sport with culture, food & wine with traditions will be much appreciated by all people involved in the World Cup event: athletes, specialists, fans and journalists from all over the world. After two days of races they’ll bring back home the memories of exciting and lovely days.

The determination of the members of the Organizing Committee, who have worked hard over the years to maintain these competitions, the help of people working in tourism who guarantee a perfect hospitality and the support of public institutions – indispensable to promote events of this magnitude – make of the Ski World Cup races one of the most important winter events in Valtellina.

My best wishes go to all the protagonists of these two days, to athletes first of all. I hope they’ll be able to give their best and treat us with great emotions.

Alan Vaninetti
President BIM

On behalf of the Amministrazione Provinciale di Sondrio, I’m very proud to say that the Ski World Cup will take place in Bormio, Valtellina. This will satisfy all alpine skiing enthusiasts and athletes who are waiting to see or live the DH race at the “Stelvio”.
Bormio offers a unique piste that – as already stated by many athletes – I consider the best in the world, the most spectacular and technical one. It’s over 3 km long, with a 1000 m vertical drop, it’s difficult, often icy, it challenges athletes (even the most skilled ones) and selects only the best, those who never give up until it’s over.

The Stelvio piste reveals the true alpine character of athletes, just like the Alta Valtellina territory that forged a tenacious, determined, resilient and hospitable population. People who are able to team up in occasions like this one, committing with their technical skills – even for entire seasons – to make events of a few hours of TV shows just perfect.

Behind the DH and Alpine combined races there are days of work and celebration in Bormio and the surrounding areas, a magical moment that deserves to be lived, when it’s easy to find the warm and genuine hospitality of the Alps, together with international athletes and ski teams.

The strength of our province is well represented by this event that’s much waited for: it’s a winning combination of sport, alpine environment and generous people. This is just a little preview of a part of the territory in the winter season. I take advantage this opportunity to invite mountain lovers to discover the entire territory of Valtellina and Valchiavenna all year long, so that they can appreciate the great commitment we have been putting for years to become more and more hospitable.

Franco Angelini
Provincia di Sondrio Councillor to Sport and Tourism

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