ALEXIS PINTURAULT (#1 – Fra) “I’m happy with the victory, but most of all with the DH race on a really difficult slope. It was decisive for my victory. It was a fight because in both cases you had to attack, in the DH for its difficulties, in the slalom for that final flat part that could help the downhillers. I’m in shape, now I hope to win in the city event in Oslo. The Combined is a race I like even if it it’s not among my priorities: with such a dense calendar it’s difficult to do a specific training”.

PETER FILL (#2 – Ita): “When I arrived at the finish line I was surprised: I did little slalom training and I didn’t think I was so fast. I wanted to do something better after yesterday’s DH race. I’m old but I still have to learn. Thursday I didn’t understand the snow, how to deal with it. Today it was icy and things went much better, and that gave me confidence. Congratulations, however, to the organizers who after the snowfall on Wednesday made a real miracle. In this Combined, after the DH part, I said to myself: try to attack and see how it goes. I wanted to finish the year well and I did it. I haven’t been lucky in the World Cup so far, I hope that this podium will change things for me. Olympic hopes in the Combined? I will go to South Korea to win the DH. The rest will come”.

KJETIL JANSRUD (#3 – Nor): “I was tired, I threw away the chance to win in the DH part, I did too many mistakes. But I’m happy with the podium even if it didn’t help Paris and Kriechmayr … Thinking about it: I skied a lot better in slalom, even if it’s not my specialty anymore. Now I will compete in Oslo, but I don’t know if I will go to Adelboden. I have a very hard month ahead of me and the Norwegian expectations for the Olympics are high, it won’t be easy to satisfy them. Delete the Combined from the calendar? It’s a fun race, but there are already many races on the calendar, and better city events in big cities that raise people’s interest in our sport”.

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