It’s a memorable day for the “Azzurri” world. It’s a come back to victory for Dominik Paris and it’s a come back that closes the seasonal lack of victories for the Italian guys, 13 races that were becoing a heavy one. What a wonderful race the one by the guy from Santa Valpurga, in Val d’Ultimo, which shows a great growth in condition, just almost a month from the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. Paris already won in Bormio on December 29, 2012 together with the Austrian Hannes Reichelt, but this time the taste of victory is even more intense.

Power, class, courage. They’re all components of the race by the “Azzurro”. A dive of about 3250 m. and a vertical drop of 1010 m. that left without breath. He was aggressive from the start to Praimont, amazing on the curves of Fontana Lunga and Pian dell’Orso, high line in the Carcentina passage. Paris lost balance only in the San Pietro long jump, but kept position with an acrobatic gesture that prevented him from falling and losing speed before the final curves which are always decisive. From La Konta the “Azzurro” built its triumph, and believed it until the last meter.

He didn’t win for the mistakes of the others. The Norwegians Aksel Svindal and Kjetil Jansrud skied in an excellent way and hunted him (+0,04 for the first, +0,17 for the second, but it’s nothing on a long and complex slope like Stelvio). But the reason why the race took place is the miracle of 200 people (30 employees of Società Impianti Bormio and as many volunteers) who worked all night on the track to remove the snow caused by yesterday’s and last night’s snowfall. A rearguard but fundamental job that made the DH race take place, which is always among the most spectacular and exciting of the entire world circuit.

Paris’s victory is a tonic for the whole speed team’s spirits, even though Fill (13th place) and Innerhofer (14th place) didn’t meet the expectations. An injury happened to Frenchman Matthieu Bailet (fracture and dislocation of the left shoulder). Only contusions to the hemithorax, the pelvis and the right knee for the German Dominik Schwaiger, the protagonist of a spectacular fall at La Rocca jump. Just a blow for Frenchman Fayed and for the American Ganong.

Tomorrow it’s Alpine Combined time on the Stelvio: the DH will start at 11.30, the slalom at 3. Both races can be watched live on Raisport (57 on Digitale Terrestre) and Eurosport.

An extract of the interviews will follow.

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