A few numbers about the Santa Caterina Downhill

Credits: Marco Andreola

1 winner: Frenchman Adrien Theaux
2 the days of the official trainings
3 Christof Innerhofer’s bib number
4 the result of SuperInner, a superman performance on the Deborah Compagnoni
975 the followers on Twitter
1010 the followers on Instagram
4657 ther fans of the Facebook page
6 months of work
80,000 cubic meters of snow produced
1005 meters of vertical drop
3100 meters the length of the Deborah Compagnoni course
0,50 meters the thickness of snow
14 kilometers of B nets
2 km of the A nets
40 km of video and audio cables for the TV broadcast
22 cameras (21 + 1 for the slow motion)
80 people involved in television production
men working on the track