First official training: Reichelt was the fastest

Hannes Reichelt 27_12_15 Santa Caterina ValfurvaThe Austrian Hannes Reichelt was the fastest in today’s first official training of Santa Caterina DH. With 1’48 “20 he is ahead of the Azzurro Christof Innerhofer by 7/100 and 1’26″ of Peter Fill. They all started with the advantage of having trained on the Deborah Compagnoni course a few days ago together with the rest of the Italian, Austrian, as well as Canadian teams. The others were more cautious.

Few athletes know well the course in Santa Caterina with all the pitfalls and technical features of a path that hosted a Men’s World Cup race for the first time just last season. In fact, few have chased speed just like the young Norwegian Aamodt Kilde did, fourth (1”43) behind Reichelt, and the Frenchman Adrien Theaux, fifth (1″93). The dominator of this first part of the season, the Norwegian Aksel Svindal, is only 31th (4”68) and his team mate Kjetil Jansrud is 21th (3″31).

Overall good news from the Azzurri: 11th place for Werner Heel (2″66), 14th place for Dominik Paris (2″92). Davide Cazzaniga from Lecco is 12th (2″88) and got a bib for the race on Tuesday. Siegmar Klotz, Mattia Casse and Silvano Varettoni will fight for the other bib in tomorrow’s training. The second training is scheduled at 11.45am. The race will be broadcasted live on Raisport 1 and Eurosport starting from 11.30am.

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