Watching Janica Kostelic on TV psyched me up

Credits: Marco Andreola - www.flashphoto.it

Mikaela Shiffrin studied her idol on TV in 2005, when she won the slalom in Santa Caterina Valfurva

The stars and stripes anthem for Mikaela Shiffrin fills the Stelvio course’s parterre with enthusiasm while the American from Vail jumps on the podium with Maria Pitilae-Holmner and Nastasia Noens. And it suddenly stops raining and even snowing in Bormio! It looks like the weather too wants to celebrate the triumph of this amazing eighteen years old girl from Colorado. Tomorrow the weather conditions will be good and the men’s World Cup slalom on the Stelvio is going to regularly take place at 14.45pm (1st run) and 6.10pm (2nd run).

The three ladies of today’s slalom spoke during the press conference at the Bormio, via Roma press office. These are the official quotes of the three champions:

MIKAELA SHIFFRIN (Usa) – First place in Bormio

“It ‘s been a battle, but I was ready. I have improved a lot in the past three weeks and today I felt strong, but I think I can still improve during the rest of the season. The skis were so good today and I was ready to go fast. It was an exciting battle with Marlies Schild when in Lienz. The most important thing is to work the hardest possible and ski better and better. I am so happy with my results so far in this season. I had never skied in Bormio before but I remember when I watched my idol Janica Kostelic on TV in 2005. And last night too I watched a few of her performances on You Tube. It was important to race with such soft course conditions and very special weather, also taking Sochi into consideration. It’s important to be confident with all weather conditions, considering that the Olympics are my goal of the season.”

MARIA PIETILAE HOLMNER (Sweden) – Second place

“At the end of the first run I was surprised with my second fastest time, even though I felt I was going strong and fast. It was exciting because it’s very important for me to have fun when skiing. And today I enjoyed it a lot. It’s nice to come back on course without thinking about the physical conditions and focusing on the race only. During the season I was out twice and honestly I felt confident with giant slalom. But today’s second place is such a welcome surprise for me. During the second run I raced so hard to look for a good Sochi result and things went very well for me.”

NASTASIA NOEN (France) – Third place

“Last summer I focused on improving my technique to be back as I once was. At the beginning of the season I had a few problems, but this result finally gives me great satisfaction and makes me realize that I’m still as strong as I used to be two years ago. Thinking of Sochi, this is what I wanted because it makes me even more confident. Well done to those who prepared the track because we had the opportunity to race on a course characterized by very good conditions, in spite of the bad weather.”

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