FIS gives green light! The “Pure Adrenaline” race is confirmed

OK ufficiale della FIS: la gara sulla Stelvio è confermata

Credits: Ing. Pasquale Canclini

It’s green light for the race on the Stelvio slope and the official announcement comes after the FIS inspection that took place today, the one that usually takes place ten days before the race.

Helmuth Schmalzl, FIS delegate , Massimo Rinaldi, Chief of race and Ing. Pasquale Canclini, SIB delegate along with other members of the team, including Tino Pietrogiovanna, Chief of slope and Chicco Pedrini, who’s responsible for the safety and nets installation, have checked the slope; taken the current conditions and the  weather forecasts for the next few days into consideration, the race has been officially confirmed.

The work to prepare the Stelvio have carried on with great commitment of the SIB team: the necessary 100,000 cubic meters of snow are almost ready and the works to place the 18,000 meters of type “B” nets will begin in the next few days. Together with type “A” nets (already installed), they guarantee full protection for the athletes; they are fastened securely to the snowy ground and are important because they hold the athletes in case of fall. Once the event is over, a few nets will stay on the track for all the winter season, to guarantee the safety of all the tourists who choose Bormio for their winter holidays.

Less than 15 days and the “Pure Adrenaline” will be back on the Stelvio, the very same adrenaline that slips fast through the gates of one of the most exciting races of the entire World Cup circuit.

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