The TV challenge to tell of the Stelvio excitement

Bormio (SO), December 28 – Beautiful, fascinating, exciting, but also damn hard to handle. Not only for the athletes, but also for TV crews. This is Stelvio in Bormio: “A breathtaking slope where the athlete never gives up and that’s exactly what must be told,” says 56-year-old Sandro De Manincor from Trento, director at Infront (the host broadcaster of the event) and head of a team composed of fifty-two people (technicians, TV operators, assistants.)


The cameras are twenty. “Nineteen “tell” the race, and one is for the replay. For what the replay is concerned we use a superslomo, a machine that works at a much higher frame rate than a normal camera and thus allows slower smooth images. This year, and for the first time we have placed it at Carcentina, and we must thank the FIS staff, they have given us the opportunity to put it there in all safely. The yield is fantastic, you can see the skis slamming, you can really feel the difficulties of the athletes… “ explains the Infront director.