A “post-training” chat with the racers – Second Training

Klaus Kröll is the fastest of today’s second and final training on Stelvio where the sun has appeared after a cloudy beginning of the day.
The Austrian athlete is very satisfied with his performance and believes he can do well during tomorrow’s race as well:

I’m happy with my second training run. Situation is the same as last year but this time I feel more December confident! Snow is softer today and skiing on Stelvio has been easier.

Christof Innerhofer gets the second fastest timing, just like yesterday. The racer from South Tyrol is very satisfied and, again, he says he had a great time on Stelvio:

ho provato a fare una buona prova e mi sono divertito…conosco bene la Stelvio, non sono un “cucciolo”, è il 6° anno che sono qui…vediamo cosa succede domani! .

Fourth place for Werner Heel (same time as Joachim Puchner). Together with Kroell, Heel is one of the veterans on Stelvio:

per ora prova soddisfacente. La Stelvio è molto bella e divertente, non sapevo di essere uno dei “veterani” su questa pista, e spero di poter offrire un po’ della mia esperienza ai più giovani.

Matteo Marsaglia admits that he hasn’t done well so far:

sulla Stelvio ti diverti fino a S. Pietro, dopo se sei cotto cerchi di arrivare in qualche modo. In discesa faccio più fatica, oggi siamo partiti più in basso e c’è stata meno velocita. Non ho sciato bene, speriamo stanotte sia freddo e di fare il contrario dello scorso anno (lo scorso anno due ottime prove e una gara non così buona mentre quest’anno due prove da dimenticare e domani…chissà!)

Adrien Theaux, the fastest during yesterday’s training, says he hasn’t pushed that much today:

I want to keep the legs for tomorrow. I did a good training yesterday and is full of bumps Stelvio Although I like it!

The Canadian racer Jan Hudec (teammate of Erik Guay, one of the great absent of today’s training) says he would have appreciated bad weather and a cancellation of the second training in ordert to rest a bit; he was exhausted after yesterday’s training:

I was exhausted after yesterday’s training. I hoped the weather would be bad today so that I could rest a bit. Panda has energy for only one race :) I’m mentally preparing for tomorrow’s race.

The American Steven Nyman feels he can do well tomorrow:

If you do not have adrenaline all you feel is pain on Stelvio! I did a couple of mistakes but I feel confortable.

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