Second Official Training – Anticipations!

The team captain’s meeting has established the starting list of tomorrow’s second official training (first racer will be on course at 11.45 a.m.) and has given Guenther Hujara the opportunity to congratulate the Organizing Committee, and the team at work on the slope, on behalf of all teams for the outstanding work of the previous days.
“A lot of work has been done and the slope has improved step by step. Tomorrow’s weather forecast offers contrasting info and we will take a decision only in the morning, in order to have a good race,” says the German FIS Judge.

It could be snowy in the night and Massimo Rinaldi’s team is ready to clean the slope. “We’re not afraid of snow, but it could be windy. The complete security of the athletes is our priority and the decisions that will be taken will take this into consideration. We will be on Stelvio before dawn and after 8 a.m. we will analyze the situation. At the moment everything is confirmed at the starting gate from 11.45 a.m.” says Rinaldi.

Here is the starting list of the top 30 and the “Azzurri”

1    KUENG    Patrick    SUI
2    HEEL    Werner    ITA
3    NYMAN    Steven    USA
4    GISIN    Marc    SUI
5    SCHEIBER    Florian    AUT
6    FILL    Peter    ITA
7    THOMSEN    Benjamin    CAN
8    DEFAGO    Didier    SUI
9    THEAUX    Adrien    FRA
10    PUCHNER    Joachim    AUT
11    INNERHOFER    Christof    ITA
12    SVINDAL    Aksel Lund    NOR
13    PARIS    Dominik    ITA
14    REICHELT    Hannes    AUT
15    BAUMANN    Romed    AUT
16    GUAY    Erik    CAN
17    CLAREY    Johan    FRA
18    KROELL    Klaus    AUT
19    JANSRUD    Kjetil    NOR
20    HUDEC    Jan    CAN
21    ZURBRIGGEN    Silvan    SUI
22    SPORN    Andrej    SLO
23    PERKO    Rok    SLO
24    KEPPLER    Stephan    GER
25    POISSON    David    FRA
26    OSBORNE-PARADIS    Manuel    CAN
27    STREITBERGER    Georg    AUT
28    GANONG    Travis    USA
29    FAYED    Guillermo    FRA
30    BERTRAND    Yannick    FRA

38    KLOTZ    Siegmar    ITA
39    VARETTONI    Silvano    ITA
42    MARSAGLIA    Matteo    ITA
54    PANGRAZZI    Paolo    ITA

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