A “post-training” chat with the racers

The first official training has been completed and – as always – the verdict is unanimous: Stelvio is a difficult slope, it’s tiring but it’s great fun!

The French skier Adrien Theaux is the fastest on a slope that – as he says – is always true to itself:

I’m very happy about my training run. I like the course. As usual it’s very bumpy, it’s icy when you finish get to the bottom part and it’s dark too. It’s grippier than last year and very difficult to ski. It’s tiring but that’s Bormio and every year it’s the same. They’ve stayed true to themselves. I really want to do well here on Saturday. My wish is to be as good as today, it would be a delayed Xmas present!

Top positions for the “Azzurri” as wel, with the second and third best time by Christof Innerhofer and Dominik Paris. Both racers are very satisfied with their first official training and Innerhofer, in particular, likes  Stelvio very much because it’s the slope “where it all began.”

I can’t stay quiet, I’m always in continuous movement and the Stelvio here and I enjoyed myself a lot here on Stelvio,  it all started here and I know the slope. The more I was on the course, the more confident I felt. I’m happy with today’s result. I’ll risk it all on Saturday!

Dominik Paris is satisfied as well, and says he’s going to push even more:

I started well, I felt good and I am satisfied with my first training. I did a few mistakes on Carcentina and I missed the right line when in San Pietro but I keep pushing!

Peter Fill admits,

It was difficult, I struggled. Stelvio is not a slope where you win by chance.

Didier Defago, the winner of the last year’s edition of the World Cup race in Bormio says:

I like the course, this could be a starting point of the season.The bottom part is always bumpy! It’s Bormio life!

It’s the first time on Stelvio for the Norwegian racer Kjetil Jansrud, and he doesn’t hide his nervousness:

This is my first time here in Bormio and I was nervous. Carcentina The toughest part is. I feel I’m in good shape!

Aksel Lund Svindal, the winner in Lake Louise and second place in Beaver Creek, wants to save energy for the day of the race:

The course is very tough, you get tired in the bottom part and it’s very dark. I feel ok, it was not a perfect training and I’ll save energy for the race.

Klaus Kroell, one of the most experienced athletes, remembers the mistake he made last year on Stelvio and reveals “the secret”

It’s good to be here! You need confidence and experience to face Stelvio. Hope the weather is not bad tomorrow and the day of the race. Last year I made a stupid mistake, this year I want to win. The key is pushing!

All video interviews with the athletes after the first official training will follow.

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