The sun is back in Bormio (and preparation of Stelvio continues)!

The last two days of bad weather characterized by rain and snow couldn’t change the programme on the Stelvio. The sun started to shine in Bormio at noon and the temperatures are expected to lower during the evening.

Massimo Rinaldi, the race director, is relaxed: “thanks to our staff and the precious support of the ski schools and ski club we have almost a hundred people at work, and this morning we have finished to remove about eight centimeters of snow between the departure (altitude: 2255 mt.) and la Rocca. Snow cats are now working in the central and final part of the slope to groom Stelvio and wait for cold weather. No one is allowed to ski in the bottom part of the slope – coaches and technicians included. In such a situation paying attention to perfection┬á is very important.”

Stelvio has already been subjected to such “treatment”. Last year there was little snow and unfavorable temperatures, but the team at work is absolutely ready to act thanks-to years of experience, and the final result – i.e. the preparation of a spectacular slope – has always been achieved.

The FIS director Helmuth Schmalzl is going to complete the tracking of the course in the evening and the finishing aspects will be a prerogative of 100 people “smoothing” the slope and guided by Tino Pietrogiovanna, chief of slope.

The first captain’s meeting is going to take place at 8 p.m. and it will be the official start of the 2012 edition of the “great classic race”!