FIS Snow Control on Stelvio – Green Light!

Snow control 2012

It’s green light for Stelvio! FIS race director Helmuth Schmalzl has inspected the Stelvio during the snow control that has taken place ten days before the official training and that  ensures that the World Cup race is going to take place. Schmalzl has analyzed the slope together with chief of slope, Tino Pietrogiovanna, and SIB technical director and engineer Pasquale Canclini. It was full of tourists.

Tino Pietrogiovanna is satisfied: “I’ve been the chief of this slope since 2007 and this is the first time I see such good conditions just ten days before the race.” “Even Helmuth was surprised to see tourists skiing on the Stelvio from La Rocca to Bormio. The slope will become compact without the need to use water to ice the snow,” says the coach from Valfurva.

Thee team directed by Massimo Rinaldi (chief of race in Bormio and coach of the “Azzurri” who were in Val Badia today,) and supervised on the track by Tino Pietrogiovanna has still much to do. “We must freeze the parts that can’t be accessed by tourists, such as the start until landing the La Rocca jump, and Carcentina. We are going to do that the next days and taking the weather conditions into consideration. Then the snow cats will work at the bottom part to create a few more ripples, just like the previous years. There is so much snow this year, that’s why it’ll all be easier,” adds Tino.

Soon in the next days the team of Chicco Pedrini will place the nets and the pneumatic cushions, 30 km of material arranged along 3 km and 200 meters on Stelvio. This is what makes Bormio DH one of the safest of the circuit.

Artificial snow is produced in the parts that represent a connection for tourists and skiers. In a few days everything will be perfect in order to give the opportunity to all skiers (not only the jet men”) to ski on Vallecetta.

The Stelvio will be closed on December 25 (evening only) to allow the tracking and the latest changes on the slope where the first racer of the first official training will leave the starting gate behind him on December, 27 at 11.45 a.m.