“SpartaCuche” is the Kaiser in Kitzbühel

Didier Cuche // (Shin Tanaka/Pentaphoto)

Didier Cuche // (Shin Tanaka/Pentaphoto)

We had in mind to tell an adventurous story from Tyrol last weekend but, unfortunately, water, snow and fog ruined the most classic race and the Streif slope in Kitzbühel looked just like a pale, misty and hasty postcard.

The track? Just a little more than two kilometers. The race? Just a little more than one minute. A few of the most interesting spots of the stunning Austrian course were cancelled. The result was a race for sprinters and the first place on the podium, oh yes, the most important place on the podium was for a real man, a real champion: Didier Cuche!

Didier Cuche was already the King of the Streif and a few days ago, in Kitzbühel, he revealed that this will be the last season for him. Two days later he sealed his career, overcoming Franz Klammer, the “Kaiser”, for what the number of successes (5 vs 4) on the Streif is concerned. If we add the Super G he won two seasons ago, the six victories of the Swiss champion on the Hahnenkamm are a very prestigious result.

The victory of Didier Cuche on this “mutilated” track has saved the seriousness of the race. It was one of the shortest World Cup races in history, just 73 seconds. The 2012 edition was just a little longer than the shortest race ever; it was 2003, the race lasted 69 seconds and the Streif was dominated by the great chapion Daron Rahlves, the one who invented the motto “Pure Adrenaline”, the same motto that has been officially used in Bormio this year…

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