Feuz scorches past all others in Wengen!

Beat Feuz's downhill race. (Pentaphoto/Shin Tanaka)

Beat Feuz is the winner in Wengen, the fourth downhill race of the season and one of the great classics. The young Swiss dominated on the interminable Lauberhorn slope and beat the Austrian Hannes Reichelt for 44 centiseconds and a recovered Christof Innerhofer for 49 centiseconds.

Carlo Janka, Bode Miller, Klaus Kroell and seventh place  Peter Fill couldn’t make it to the podium.

Feuz got his victory thanks to the amazing lines on the Minsch-kante, which allowed him to build up speed to face the road in the best way. Actually, Beat was impeccable all the way. Feuz didn’t shine in Bormio, he fell during the race and after two poor training races, but the young ace of the Swiss team is rising above the others and is becoming one of the racers to beat in the future.

Twelve times in the top ten in his career. The racer from Bern captured three first place finishes,  three second place finishes and two third place finishes! Taking these few numbers into consideration you can tell he’s got what it takes!

The “azzurri” are back with an incisive and spirited Christof Innerhofer, who has now recovered from the aches and pains he experienced last autumn and during the early winter. Peter Fill too, with his seventh place, places more and more faith in his abilities. Paris managed a thirteenth place while Werner Heel grabbed the first downhill points of the season with a 21st place that means positions closer to the podium.

See you in Kitzbuehel on Saturday. It’ll be the time of the Streif. It’ll be the race of the year, the classic of classics.

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