News from the Press Conference

Defago, Kueng, Kroell - Credits//AP Photo/Marco Trovati

Defago, Kueng, Kroell - Credits//AP Photo/Marco Trovati


The Swiss athlete is absolutely happy with his result here in Bormio. Everything went really well during the race on the Stelvio. He knew he could do good and be in the first places with the others and once he got to the finish area he thanked his knee. The injury he experienced gave him the chance to see everything from a different perspective both for what his career and his private life is concerned. Of course there are difficult and frustrating moments on the course, it is part of the game, but his job gives him a lot of satisfaction.
The come back has been a bit hard, he has recovered little by little and he has to say a big “thank you” to his family and doctors, the people who have always supported him.

PATRICK KUENG – Second Place

He’s very happy with the result in Bormio. He has proven to be a complete athlete on the Stelvio. He likes challenges, he doesn’t know when he’ll get a first place position, it could happen anytime, but he is very confident.

KLAUS KROELL – Third Place

He is very satisfied with his third place. The race conditions were different if compared to yesterday and the day before. He prefers when the snow is hard and considering the conditions he is happy with the result. The beginning of the season has been good so far and he’s confident that he’ll do very good things soon. Now there are Wengen and Kitzbühel and he knows he can do something very good. He had planned to spend the New Year’s Eve in Monaco but now he thinks he’ll go home and celebrate!

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