Infront: Emotions in HD

La regia di InfrontThe Stelvio slope is one of the most beloved slopes in the world by the most powerful and experienced athletes. However it is also one of the most difficult courses for the broadcasting directors.

The broadcasting of Infront – host broadcaster of the course of the Bormio Alpine Ski World Cup – is directed by Sandro De Manincor, 55 years old, from Trentino, who spent his life in the world of winter sports. His team is made up of 52 people, including technicians, operators and assistant directors.

«The Stelvio slope is the most difficult in the world to broadcast, specially at the end of December. The light is a trouble in many ways, both for the skiers and for our cameras, and there are many places where you can find yourself against the light.»
«We use a type of  OBVan Infront uses during the broadcasting of  Italian football League matches. It’s a highly tested system, permitting a HD broadcasting, with three slow-motion machines and a superslomo machine.»
«We placed 22 cameras along the slope, including 10 handy cams. Some cameras are specifically dedicated for the slow-motions.
“This year there’s a novelty: indeed we follow the course at the Salto dell’Angelo (near the Rocca) with a handy camera to give better than ever the feeling of the speed and the distinctive features of the slope in that point.»
«We placed the JimmyJib at the top of the Carcentina, like every year: this is a camera placed on the top of a arm to follow the moves of the athletes swiftly and effectively.»
«The slope has been entirely cabled for the 2005 World Championship, that means about 12.000 metres of optical fibres. Moreover we add 12.000 metres of triaxial cable to link all cameras. In order to optimize the links, we have also two sub-directions hubs – one at the Rocca and the other at the Ciuk. This way, all the broadcasting is distributed at the best.»

Seven platforms are placed for the live reporting and four boxes for the interviews at the finish area. The course will be broadcasted live by 19 broadcasting stations, whilst the second timed training will be transmitted live on Eurosport at 11.40 hrs., Tuesday December 28th.

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