First timed training: Flash quotes at finish area

Christof Innerhofer (ITA):

During the reconnaissance, it seemed to be easier. Instead the Stelvio is always the same: a hard, difficult and technical slope. Very fast especially in the lower part. I like the track very much. Today was an occasion to try new skis: they’re perfect! Under pressure? Not at all. I am well trained, and feel perfectly fit, lately I am skiing very good. I’ve got a great wish to win. In 2008, when I won in Bormio, I started with the number 1 and it brought me good luck. This year I’d like the number 2… to celebrate a second victory. But one number or the other doesn’t make a difference when you are in top form.

Andrei Jerman (SLO), winner in Bormio in 2009:

The slope is always very nice, good snow conditions: it seems to be a middle-way between last year and two years ago (when the athletes came down on a track as smooth as marble.) I am satisfied with my training, although I didn’t take the right line. It doesn’t make any difference to have a high or low number: the snow is so hard to be bomb proof, and will keep even if it gets warmer.

Michael Walchhofer (AUT), twice on the highest podium in 2006:

While I descended, I didn’t have a good feeling. I seemed to be really slow. I thought to have lost two seconds. Then, when I looked at the scoreboard I was surprised: evidently even the others still feel Christmas in their legs. (He laughs). But I know they’ll do better tomorrow and during the race. I feel quite under pressure. I always liked this slope a lot, and … Well, all in all I’d be happy to score the stroke: win for the third time. (It would be a record!)

Bode Miller (USA), gold medal in the World Cup 2008 and in the World Championship 2005:

Hard run, but not too hard, and this is a good thing. I prefer like this. I’ll have to get ready my skis, because I felt some steps on the run. But we will prepare everything. I thought I would have arrived tired at the finish, instead it was everything OK. The day of the race the slope will be even smoother and faster, and it will be great fun.

Peter Fill (ITA):

In the first section the run is softer than usual, and the snow is less aggressive. Afterwards however it gets hard and very fast, especially in the last part you make a big effort. But this is the nice thing about the Stelvio run. I like it.

First timed training: order of arrival 

1 INNERHOFER Christof 1984 ITA 2:01.64
2 WALCHHOFER Michael 1975 AUT   2:02.39
3 KROELL Klaus 1980 AUT   2:02.61
4 CUCHE Didier 1974 SUI   2:03.01
5 MILLER Bode 1977 USA 2:03.30
6 GRUGGER Hans 1981   AUT   2:03.81
7 SCHEIBER Mario 1983 AUT 2:04.26
8 FILL Peter 1982 ITA 2:04.37
9 SVINDAL Aksel Lund 1982 NOR 2:04.38
10 THEAUX Adrien 1984 FRA 2:04.47
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